Dear Internets,


Over at BGL, we’re mostly avid tea drinkers. Geisha getaway, Sencha green tea, black tea and everything in between but there’s still one that evades us. In the many French patisseries in Japan (we aren’t being ironic, they are numerous and amazing), you can get a hot royal milk tea that made us addicted. Slightly sweet, creamy and delicious, we’re on the hunt for one just like it in Australia. So far we’ve found a much sweeter cold bottled version which bears a vague semblance, and a recipe for a weird milky early grey.


We don’t write much about food or beverages here but such is our thirst for hot Royal Milk tea that we’ve decided to take it to the masses. Do you have the secret to Royal Milk Tea?? If you do, fill us in & be prepared for vast amounts of praise. Did I mention we think you’re super clever?



Dear Internets,


For those of you who have grown up in the 90’s, catching the movie Splash on TV during a boring school holidays or weekend was almost guaranteed. For those of you who don’t remember or had more eventful childhoods, it’s the one with the random coupling of Tom Hanks who finds mermaid Daryl Hannah & [spoiler alert] they fall in love. While I loved the movie as a child, never in my wildest dreams had I considered the fashion implications


With the release of Wildfox’s latest campaign, I had to double take. All my mermaid dreams were sauntering on the beach on sun-bleached locks. Part of it was the relaxed slouchy fit knits lapping at the shores of my credit card. Then I spotted the strategically placed sequin’d seashells & I was sold hook, line and sinker.


I think a part of me has always wanted to be a mermaid, ever since I saw Ariel and flounder exploring the deep sea. Sadly for me his time it was the perfectly cast model Hanalei Reponty finding her legs on the beaches of Mexico. Due to hit in spring 2014, it’s time to run those forks through your hair and get read to shop.

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Dear Internets,


I had a strange travel ritual that often got me into trouble. You know the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink”? Well that used to be my travel ethos, which was fine except:

  1. I had to lug my heavy bags everywhere
  2. I spent far too long sitting of my suitcase in vain attempts to close it
  3. I’d wait at baggage claim half expecting my suitcase to have burst open leaving an array of unmentionables strewn along the carousel
  4. Inevitably it would turn out that the “kitchen sink” was actually a toothbrush or undies or some other vital thing I had forgotten to pack


This method later evolved into a second stage in which I’d take out all multiples and unnecessary items from my already overly packed bag. Unfortunately the result of this has meant I actually traveled somewhere with only one running shoe and for those of you new to the blog, I do in fact have two feet.


Now I am much more strategic. Lets face it, in most countries, if I’ve forgotten something it can usually be replaced….except in Asia. I’m an amazon in those parts. Now the only real fine tuning that remains is streamlining my day trips while I’m overseas. I often spend the entire day and night out in any country that doesn’t shut down and reach scorching temps during the day (middle east, I’m looking at you). This means making sure I have everything I need for the day, with me. Filling my backpack/handbag/all my pockets, I do resemble a pack mule some times. Fortunately no one has tried to use me as a method of transportation (I have mentioned I look vehicle sized in Asian countries right?)



Dear Internets,


New year means new wardrobe right? Here at BGL we like to keep things simple, and free whenever possible so here’s the deal. We have two Elliatt tops to give away in the shade of this season, crisp white! Hard to photograph, easy to wear.


The catch? They are both size S, Giveaway closes Australia day Jan 26th

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