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Summer is technically coming to an end and we’ve had a few colder days but I still seem to be doing the “ouch the pavement is really hot” dance every time I sneakily brave the backyard with no shoes on. Hailing from a country terrified of a tan and growing up in a nation that praises it opens up a world of contradiction until you realize that Australia is also the nation with the highest rate of skin cancer. While I have what some call “a natural tan”, this summer’s sun safe campaign “Pretty Shady” is all over the fact that tanning is not fashionable.



Fortunately for those who aren’t so good at compromise, this summer style is all about maxi dresses, wide brimmed hats and awesome shades. Most day wear make up is available with an included sunblock and sunscreen is even easier and lighter on your skin. You can get involved and spread this important message too by checking out the Pretty Shady website . In celebration of the campaign launch, we had a taste of the Gelato Messina exclusive Pretty Shady ice cream and it was as incredible as the ad campaign you may have seen around. Check it out and get shady.

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  1. That ice cream looks so good!! I love that beanie. c:
    It’s winter here in Michigan, 8 degrees Fahrenheit today, haha.


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