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Stay in one place long enough & you’ll want a change of pace. Eat one type of food long enough & the same will happen. Sitting in the lobby trying to figure out a plan for the night ended up with us getting lost in Koenji, stumbling upon the most awesome op shop & finally hitting Tequila house (a recommendation from Fashion Hayley we were grateful for).


A small hole in the wall style bar, the mood lighting, red walls and tequila bottles instantly warmed our freezing bodies. The owner seemed so happy to see us, seating us in a cozy corner and immediately fishing out the English menu he had stashed under the bar for such an emergency. Never would I have thought I’d find such good Mexican food in Japan. Perhaps it’s because I’m so used to the 3 bean everything that seems to be staple in most Aussie Cantina’s places but the food was amazing.


Surrounded by Mexican wrestling masks, painted skull bottles and sombreros, our night was perfectly capped by receiving little lighters with the restaurant info printed on it as we got up to leave. Sure we don’t smoke but what a cute momento that will always remind us of the awesome Mexican food in Japan. Have you picked up a strange cute momentos on your travels?

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