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I often think being french would automatically make me sexy because lets face it, I’m not exactly winning that race. The Indian accent is very hard to make sexy but say camembert in a french accent and eyelashes flutter. My opportunity to say “yes I’m French!” rests solely on the delightful designs of Sandra Kang.


Having become a fan at least a year ago, I was thrilled Sandra contacted me about her 2014 spring collection. Yes I’m french uses textured fabrics and vegan leather to create clothing that is tactile, chic and somehow relaxed and comfortable. French design and Korean production has produced the latest Japanese Kendo inspired collection. Sporty and indulgent it’s eating cake that nourishes you like veggies.


While the bi-colour dungaree is a fave of mine, The quilted sweatshirt dresses and clutch could very easily produce the change in my wardrobe I so long for without all that pesky fuss of actually changing my entire aesthetic. There are stores both real and virtual in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland, France, UAE, Indonesia and New York but wouldn’t you know it, it has yet to hit our shores. For you Australian’s out there, e-mail . Everyone else, get shopping!



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