Hello Internets!

Last Tuesday we got to get our hands on the goods from the hotly-anticipated Adidas Originals x Topshop collboration at the Adidas Originals store in Westfield Sydney.  The collection is every bit as pretty in store as it is in the promo pictures.


Throughout the evening, we sipped on Sofi Spritz and Gaymers Cider and munched on goodies from Snag Stand as we perused the array of Ts, sneakers, sweats and tracksuits from the collection.



Reen and I kept things casual while reppin’ Adidas – Reen with her tshirt, and myself with my sneakers.  If we had to pick our favourite items for the collection, it would be the green Venice tank top, the white oversized sweatshirt and the running shorts.  At the time of writing this, the Adidas online store had only ONE of the Venice tanks left.  People are going nuts for this collection!


At the end of the night, we all got to take home a gift card.  I’ve decided to save mine for a rainy day 🙂


The collection is available online and in stores. Get in quick because things are selling out fast!

– Lee


Dear Internets,


Thrift shopping can sometimes leave you with nothing but the faint smell of old people, but the keen persistent eye occasionally spots gold. Not only a great ethical way to shop for clothing, it prevents your wardrobe from being what IKEA is to homes. I spotted this Planet Hollywood Jacket from Beverly hills that scream all good things about the 90’s. Fortunately it was snapped up almost immediately by Sarahteaa. Thank goodness because if she didn’t, I’d have to, and I’m already 4 denim jackets in at this point.


Paired with the Evil Twin Bad Element slouch pants (here), some Winsor Smith Puffy heels (here) and a basic black top, it’s the answer to an Autumn day out with friends. We got our brunch on, and it was good!


Dear Internets,


We are casual dressers here but every now and then it’s nice to sip on some bubbly and pretend that deep down we are just a little bit fancy. The first challenge is usually finding the perfect dress and nothing beats a good LBD. A natural tendency to body dysmorphia aside, finding the right dress can sometimes be near impossible. The challenge becomes even more confusing when you’ve just had a baby so when I was introduced to the LBD, I was a little skeptical.


Perusing the website I chose a silhouette based on my body shape, which just happens to be easily explained for each and every dress. I thought I’d give “Kirsten” a whirl as it would suit quite a few of us and definitely fit the “little bit fancy” criteria. The fact that some dresses are perfect for a few  shapes is an added bonus or margin of error if you aren’t exactly sure what your body type might be. When the dress arrived in the post, I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the fabric was. Slinky and inky is pretty much the only words I could use to adequately describe it and it begged to be put on immediately.


A pair of black velvet pumps, over-sized choker and a trust classic Chanel & I was ready to for the soft glow of a chandelier.Time for that bubbly and a quick reminder of how to drink properly. If you haven’t already checked out this “how to drink” campaign, it’s really worth the entertainment value and a good reminder of an important message without the gore that’s normally associated with drinking campaigns. Stay in the realm of excellence



Dear Internets,


For Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge pair of kick ass boots. They are tall, white and super comfy, whats not to love? I can think of just one thing….my new ability to dress up as baby spice. All I can say to those comments is “NO, just no…“. Get your ass kicking pair of Windsor Smith Rainbow boots (ironically in white) here before they sell out [insert your own spice girls joke here].



Dear Internets,


At some point during that “getting to know someone new” conversation, I end up repeatedly professing my love for veggies like a drunk person. Sure it makes me sound a little crazy but each time and with very little baiting, you can hear me say “I don’t trust fruit, but I love veggies cos you know what they taste like just by looking at them“. Since it’s always fun making new friends, perhaps I should get into Gorman’s latest collection and just let my outfits do all the talking.


Strut around in the winter harvest dress and someone is sure to say “man that girl likes her greens!”. The team corn jumper may confuse since I think corn is essentially delicious candy posing as a vegetable. The winter harvest puffer screams “those beets are surly keeping her warm” while the little chilli mini says “she likes it hot“……ok maybe it just explains my need to keep a Costco sized tobasco sauce in my kitchen.


Add a little quilting, fringe, gold and some kick ass print and you have yourself a playful collection waiting to be gobbled up. Gorman has been hitting major home runs lately and everyone has been sitting up and taking notice so don’t wait for those sales. Get you night vision dose of carrot without turning orange and make everyone else green with envy. Lastly, make more new friends.