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We are casual dressers here but every now and then it’s nice to sip on some bubbly and pretend that deep down we are just a little bit fancy. The first challenge is usually finding the perfect dress and nothing beats a good LBD. A natural tendency to body dysmorphia aside, finding the right dress can sometimes be near impossible. The challenge becomes even more confusing when you’ve just had a baby so when I was introduced to the LBD, I was a little skeptical.


Perusing the website I chose a silhouette based on my body shape, which just happens to be easily explained for each and every dress. I thought I’d give “Kirsten” a whirl as it would suit quite a few of us and definitely fit the “little bit fancy” criteria. The fact that some dresses are perfect for a few  shapes is an added bonus or margin of error if you aren’t exactly sure what your body type might be. When the dress arrived in the post, I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the fabric was. Slinky and inky is pretty much the only words I could use to adequately describe it and it begged to be put on immediately.


A pair of black velvet pumps, over-sized choker and a trust classic Chanel & I was ready to for the soft glow of a chandelier.Time for that bubbly and a quick reminder of how to drink properly. If you haven’t already checked out this “how to drink” campaign, it’s really worth the entertainment value and a good reminder of an important message without the gore that’s normally associated with drinking campaigns. Stay in the realm of excellence


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