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At some point during that “getting to know someone new” conversation, I end up repeatedly professing my love for veggies like a drunk person. Sure it makes me sound a little crazy but each time and with very little baiting, you can hear me say “I don’t trust fruit, but I love veggies cos you know what they taste like just by looking at them“. Since it’s always fun making new friends, perhaps I should get into Gorman’s latest collection and just let my outfits do all the talking.


Strut around in the winter harvest dress and someone is sure to say “man that girl likes her greens!”. The team corn jumper may confuse since I think corn is essentially delicious candy posing as a vegetable. The winter harvest puffer screams “those beets are surly keeping her warm” while the little chilli mini says “she likes it hot“……ok maybe it just explains my need to keep a Costco sized tobasco sauce in my kitchen.


Add a little quilting, fringe, gold and some kick ass print and you have yourself a playful collection waiting to be gobbled up. Gorman has been hitting major home runs lately and everyone has been sitting up and taking notice so don’t wait for those sales. Get you night vision dose of carrot without turning orange and make everyone else green with envy. Lastly, make more new friends.



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