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Gail Sorronda b&w

With a title like ‘Mermaids Exist : as above/so below‘, I had no chance against the magic of Gail Sorronda’s SS14/15 show. Most of us know she’s great with black and white and once again with the sheer textures, layering and crowns, black and white shone through.


Prim, proper and pleated, the details in the neckline and sleeves could have been the thing of dowdy dreams. Fortunately these floaty silhouettes were a perfect throwback, much like the monochromatic gingham, a classic I will always adore.

Gail Sarronda027

At this point you might be wondering where the more obvious mermaids might be hiding and I didn’t have to look long to find them. Ariel, the little mermaid  had her fin in quite a few pieces swimming and twirling on caped body-con and shift dressed. It was then that I was, as poker players would put it, ALL IN!

Gail Sarronda003

In fact, sign me up for more mermaids keeping their tails and strutting down the runway like a good Disney story. Gail’s consistent contributions make it easy to look forward and wonder what’s next? Unicorns please.

Gail Sarronda030


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  1. honestly, i think anything could be possible O: haha these designs are so mermaidy and flowy though 🙂 i love the collection

    hope we can follow each other 😀
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    I’ll follow back if you want ^_^ Love keeping updated with blogs!

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