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As a child I had always wondered when adults stopped understanding the joys of cartoons. Sure on occasion my dad would watch Looney Tunes with me, especially if Speedy Gonzales was involved. On rare Saturday mornings you could probably have walked by my house and overhear him screaming “Andale andale andale, ARRIBA YEEEHAAAA!” muddled with my fits of laughter. That is about as involved in cartoons I had ever seen an adult be.


Now that I am an adult (in age at least), I still don’t get it. I love cartoons. Some of the newer ones are trying too hard to be real but all in all, if I really give them a chance, I think I would love most cartoons. This is not always good news for the man of the house since he would prefer watching actual new. For our kidlet however, I hope we live in a democratically selected tv channel home.



2 recent clothing collaborations have well and truly validated my love for cartoons. The first, as you may have now guessed is Australian brand Black Milk X Adventure time. They released their collection back in November & OH MY GLOB I am still in love.


The second is the just dropped UK brand Lazy Oaf X Garfield. Lazy oaf can do no wrong with their cartoon prints, whether it be cacti or fast food. This lazy  Monday hating lasagna loving cat is a perfect match for their mighty mighty. Not only will collection for both men and women win you over, you’ll probably get a kick out of the video too (hit that play button down the bottom). If they could fix it so I spew metallic streamers when I’m sick instead of actual spew, they’d have my vote for Prime Minister.

gar4 gar3 gar2

Images via Lazy Oaf & Black Milk Blog


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