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Last week we were invited to Marimekko‘s Sydney flagship store on King Street to take part in the global festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of its classic Unikko poppy print.


In keeping with the brand’s colourful prints, the store was transformed into a multi-coloured disco for the evening.  It was smiles all around amongst the changing lights, mirror-balls and awesome tunes being spun by some of the guys from Architecture in Helsinki (gotta keep it Finnish!).



Throughout the evening, guests nibbled on Finnish-themed canapés from Café Paci and sipped on Marimekko Royale cocktails.  I was particularly excited that little bowls of Tyrkisk Peber/Turkinpippuri candy were making the rounds – I’m not sure if they were much of a hit with the other guests, but they were certainly a hit with me!


And what’s a birthday without a cake? A giant Gelato Messina ice-cream cake adorned with the Unikko print, that is.  Delicious! Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle and I decided to take our cake outside the front of the store and chilled on the huge beanbags that were there for the evening … and contemplated how far we could run carrying said beanbags



If you’re unfamiliar with Marimekko, pop on down to the store! I’m definitely planning on returning as I’d love to browse the entire range during the daytime.  There are so many cute items in the homewares range and it’s hard not to want to buy everything.

Marimekko Sydney Store
66 King Street
Sydney 2000


Dear Internets,


It’s Reviewsday again and we have moisturizers for you today. Half used tubes of moisturizer only started looking this good when Grown Alchemist got on the scene. Since then they have probably been plaguing your instagram feed beckoning you with their come hither packaging. With crisp monochromatic text and translucent amber glass in charcoal boxes, impulse purchases have been based on far less. Here at Bright Green Laces, we love our style but we’re about substance too so here’s a review to get behind two of Grown Alchemist’s moisturizer.

Age-Repair Moisturiser 40ml WHITE TEA & PHYTO-PEPTIDE $69.95
This cream is toted as “A powerful anti-aging moisturizer formulated to restore youthful cellular structure, helping repair damaged facial skin, leaving it beautifully healthy, energized, smooth and deeply moisturizd“.

Regenerating Night Cream60ml NEURO-PEPTIDE & VIOLET LEAF EXTRACT $84.95
Good for all skin types, this buttery yellow “rich facial cream formulated with a potent synergistic blend of peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, essential omega fatty acids that restore skin elasticity, noticeably reducing the appearance of fine lines, softening and smoothing the skin while boosting hydration, transforming skin texture to appear more youthful looking

Sounds very promising and scientific but what does that all mean? I was looking for something to rejuvenate my sleep deprived, recently break out prone skin that also suits my fussy tastes. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger either but let’s translate the Pros & Cons.



  • Many botanical products have too strong a fragrance akin to the Ayurvedic medication my grandma would force on me. With Grown Alchemist, you get a lovely garden fragrance without being overpowered.
  • Their creams are not greasy or too thin, even Goldilocks would love it. It glides on the skin hydrating it without feeling heavy or affecting your make up application.
  • They packaging allows for almost all the cream to be used unlike pumps and plastic lotion bottles that leave you sticking cotton buds in a vain attempt to use all your cream
  • My skin feels soft and I haven’t had a break out since
  • They look lovely on your night stand and feel indulgent.
  • Delivery charges are very reasonable and there are quite a few stockists


  • The price tag is quite high and not for everyone. The products are complimentary so a thorough skin care regime might set you back a pretty penny

I must admit, I’m not certain of it’s anti-ageing properties but my skin feels more hydrated and soft again. Hopefully they’ll work as a prophylactic on twinkle wrinkles. Either way, I’d definitely buy from Grown Alchemist again!


Dear Internets,


Our trip to Japan last year resulted in eternal nostalgia for all things Japanese. Much like the local taxi drivers, Sarahteaa & I severely underestimated the cold and were “forced” to explore Japanese clothing stores as thoroughly as possible. One of these was UNIQLO and now that a pop up has opened up at 150 Pitt street Mall in Sydney following their launch in Melbourne, I am “forced” to go once again.

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

For those of you that don’t know, UNIQLO is ( apart from a combination of letters that don’t seem to go together), the answer to the question “Do you have this in any other colour?“. A large scare brand with beautiful basics both in luxe and more casual fabrics, UNIQLO is known for a clean aesthetic in a multitude of colors and shades. Supremely comfortable, great quality and a surprisingly good fit because lets face it, I am an amazon in Japan, my UNIQLO winter wardrobe seems impossibly warm without getting bulky. The pop up store will be open until the end of September so try and check it out before the chills set in.

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au


Dear Internet,



I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and trying new products and stores lately. Since my friends and most cautious human’s Google prior to a purchase, I thought I’d help with a regular TUESDAY REVIEWS-DAY! That’s right, I can rhyme too.

First up: Demeter’s cologne & Molten store.


Molten store is one of those online places you shouldn’t go to window shop. The killer combination of an easy to navigate online store, well presented images and diverse pricing makes it very conducive to the whole shopping process. Once you place your order of “other worldly accessories & Curious gifts“, service become swift, sweet and personal asking if you’d like a hand written message with your order.


Demeter’s Cologne was what tipped Sarahteaa and I over the first time shoppers threshold. The unique fragrances like birthday cake, marshmallow, and violets; mild and true to it’s name, had “signature scent” written all over it.  Olfactory memories are the most powerful and now all those moments you want to bottle have been and you can spend Mondays smelling like a lazy Sunday spent eating cake. Being the oddballs that we are, Sarahteaa opted to smell like dirt and I clearly chose rain.

  • Pro: The scent smells exactly as you expect it to & at $29.00 you can smell like fig leaves every day of the week, every week of the year.
  • Con: The fragrance is mild and you might need a top up by the end of the day. Think EDP vs EDT. Personally I prefer the sweet scent of sugar cookie lingering on my lips rather than like I’d fallen into a vat of cookie dough but each to their own.

A cosmic alignment known for centuries as sheer coincidence has seen Molten have an up to 60% off Sale so now would be an excellent time to dive in.


Dear Internets,


The moment I put on this Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals bandana print neoprene bell curved number, I fell in love. The indulgent structure ensured that I took it home with me the moment I saw it and since then it’s been through a lot. It’s been to a fashion week, accidentally hidden my pregnancy from friends and kept me warm. How nice to know there’s a coat in my wardrobe for which I never have to ask “does my bum look big in this?” bacause the answer in truth would be “baby you look like a parabola“. It’s not often I can say I’m ok with that.