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The moment I put on this Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals bandana print neoprene bell curved number, I fell in love. The indulgent structure ensured that I took it home with me the moment I saw it and since then it’s been through a lot. It’s been to a fashion week, accidentally hidden my pregnancy from friends and kept me warm. How nice to know there’s a coat in my wardrobe for which I never have to ask “does my bum look big in this?” bacause the answer in truth would be “baby you look like a parabola“. It’s not often I can say I’m ok with that.



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  1. Oh man I’ve never been good at maths – I even had to Siri the definition of Parabola before I went ahead and said that, you know, in case I looked stupid or something LOL! Regardless that print is smashing, like really, really awesome! And the shape, it’s a gals best friend.


  2. Your parabola coat’s great!!:D I the print is frigging awesome. But honestly, babe, I think your bum looks fabulous in anything and everything.

    1. Hey Harper,

      I tried commenting on your blog but the wordpress long in wouldn’t allow it. Thanks for dropping by

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