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I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and trying new products and stores lately. Since my friends and most cautious human’s Google prior to a purchase, I thought I’d help with a regular TUESDAY REVIEWS-DAY! That’s right, I can rhyme too.

First up: Demeter’s cologne & Molten store.


Molten store is one of those online places you shouldn’t go to window shop. The killer combination of an easy to navigate online store, well presented images and diverse pricing makes it very conducive to the whole shopping process. Once you place your order of “other worldly accessories & Curious gifts“, service become swift, sweet and personal asking if you’d like a hand written message with your order.


Demeter’s Cologne was what tipped Sarahteaa and I over the first time shoppers threshold. The unique fragrances like birthday cake, marshmallow, and violets; mild and true to it’s name, had “signature scent” written all over it.  Olfactory memories are the most powerful and now all those moments you want to bottle have been and you can spend Mondays smelling like a lazy Sunday spent eating cake. Being the oddballs that we are, Sarahteaa opted to smell like dirt and I clearly chose rain.

  • Pro: The scent smells exactly as you expect it to & at $29.00 you can smell like fig leaves every day of the week, every week of the year.
  • Con: The fragrance is mild and you might need a top up by the end of the day. Think EDP vs EDT. Personally I prefer the sweet scent of sugar cookie lingering on my lips rather than like I’d fallen into a vat of cookie dough but each to their own.

A cosmic alignment known for centuries as sheer coincidence has seen Molten have an up to 60% off Sale so now would be an excellent time to dive in.

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    1. I love the idea of smelling like rain constantly, especially in a desert nation. Thanks for visiting.

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