Dear Internets, il_570xN.595789463_dqk9

Have you ever over judged your talents? We’re told to dream big by optimistic people. The only problem with your imagination running rampant is you find yourself wanting something you realize doesn’t actually exist. Hop into the sinking boat I was in a few weeks ago when I decided I wanted a pale timber side table styled around a vintage apple cart. After hours on Pinterest and the Google machine, I had all but given up….until my adventure at the Finders Keepers market.


I approached the Ernie bedside table by Milkcart tentatively and ran my fingers across the wood-grain taking in the lockable castor-ed glory. Is it possible this Danish styled simple and clean creation stepped out of my day dream for $85 (if so, it’s time to start dreaming about bigger furniture)? Beside it sat the concrete puddle stool that reminded me of my grandparents floor in India. Furniture up-cycled or that can make me feel something is always special and Marnie and Ryan of Milk cart have done this so well! I love my side table so maybe it’s time to think of what comes next Mr Beaker Lamp.


Dear Internets,


We love a good market day. There’s something geekishly fantastic about buying a bag full of apples, food out of a truck and home decor that has been made with the skill I imagine I have but do not actually posses (more about that later). Until we find a local famer’s market , this is a full days adventure where we spend too much of our money, no men allowed. Standard smiley sister shot taken, now it’s time to stuff our faces.



Obviously the best way to start the day is with a hearty breakfast from all the food groups that matter: caffeine and sugar from St Germain’s. For those of you who are uncomfortable with this, lets call it dairy and fruit? After that is was all frolics, florals, walking and limited bathroom breaks.



I am wearing:
Shirt – Cotton On
Jacket –  She Inside
Sequin Pants – Sportsgirl
Boots – Windsor Smith


At the end of this particular day at Finders Keepers,  we walked away with a photo that will probably haunt the kidlet for the rest of his life (see above), space themed temporary tatts, a lunar calendar tote bag, a pretty white wire basket and full tummies. A short walk to a near by florist and 3 bunches of flowers later it was time to go back home. Exhausted but all worth the trek.




Sarahteaa is wearing:
Beanie – From Japan
Jacket – Thrifted
Jumper & Dress – Asos
Bag – Colette


Dear Internets,


There are 2 easy and economical way to inject a new trend into your wardrobe. One involves budget disposable no name clothing that can be worn in high rotation and then donated. It does however have a saturation point or you end up with a whole lot of junk in your walk in.  The other is useful when you fall in love with a trend that never leaves you is investing in high quality, easy to include accessories.


Watches, handbags and purses are a great way to incorporate color and print in a way that won’t age.  A known for being a fave when it comes to boyfriend style and large face watches, Michael Kors are really bringing it in the jewelry department too. Our Lee has the delicate Pave heart bracelet to prove it. Now you have your pretty things sorted, the restrained sporty look of their Men’s watches is a great idea for the men in your life who have fraying leather straps and shiny plastic numbers weighing down their wrists.


As the autumn/winter colors come in, my favorite high street handbags have to go to Fossil or Wayne Cooper. The Fossil range pictured above have some faux leather monochromatic pieces you just can’t beat, perfectly sized for every day. Honestly can you find a favorite among them you would hate after one season? Ah to create a complex layered wardrobe that surpasses the cyclical nature of trends! Besides who can have too many watches or handbags….or shoes for that matter?


Dear Internets,

7. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

My balance is terrible at the best of times so the concept of a moving catwalk screamed fun and potential disaster. Fortunately last Tuesday, it was a far better balanced contingent that graced the escaltors of Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney. Australia’s first moving catwalk was a resounding success displaying all you could want from this season’s trends and was a resounding succes. The disaster it would seem is the fact that I now have a much bigger wish list and all of it is accessible for purchase from over 20 retailers showcased. It’s days like these that make Christmas seem too far away.

4. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Santa, Can I have everything in the outfits from the right hand side of the top photo including (but not limited to) diamond tears Monster Headphones, that French Connection Tee, the Sheike volcanic skirt and maybe the pink jumper and maroon coat. We wouldn’t want to break up the outfit family, now would we? If you get confused, check out the #BeYou Booth where you can take a closer look at the catwalk featured trends and take some photos. OK THANKS BYE, LOVE YOU!

P.S. A grey overcoat for the hubs would be great too

3. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Do you think Santa will go for it?


Dear Internets,


It’s easy to write about things you love but a not so glowing review a mixed bag can be just as helpful so here goes. There are quite a few “too good to be true” disposable fashion stores online. Its a great place to browse when you’re feeling broke and looking to shop or in my case, looking for something fairly specific that you can’t find anywhere else. For some reason I was desperately looking for a pastel autumnal trench and the Blue long sleeve pockets trench coat from she inside promised everything but did it deliver?



  • The jacket is essentially as it is pictured.
  • Delivery was reasonably speedy
  • There are opportunities to lower the price through a points scheme
  • There are a large variety of items at a very modest price range
  • It fit the basic requirements of what I was looking for so I absolutely love this jacket


  • It doesn’t drape as beautifully as pictured
  • The material description is fairly broad: In this case “polyester” translates to a crepe looking fabric.
  • The jacket is not lined so don’t expect the trimmings of branded clothing.
  • One of the buttons on my jacket was stitched so that it puckered the fabric. It served no practical purpose and it I didn’t need it aesthetically so I  had to unpick it.
  • Their customer service has a lot to be desired.

Would I buy again? Only if I had another hankering for something specific I couldn’t get elsewhere.