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There are 2 easy and economical way to inject a new trend into your wardrobe. One involves budget disposable no name clothing that can be worn in high rotation and then donated. It does however have a saturation point or you end up with a whole lot of junk in your walk in.  The other is useful when you fall in love with a trend that never leaves you is investing in high quality, easy to include accessories.


Watches, handbags and purses are a great way to incorporate color and print in a way that won’t age.  A known for being a fave when it comes to boyfriend style and large face watches, Michael Kors are really bringing it in the jewelry department too. Our Lee has the delicate Pave heart bracelet to prove it. Now you have your pretty things sorted, the restrained sporty look of their Men’s watches is a great idea for the men in your life who have fraying leather straps and shiny plastic numbers weighing down their wrists.


As the autumn/winter colors come in, my favorite high street handbags have to go to Fossil or Wayne Cooper. The Fossil range pictured above have some faux leather monochromatic pieces you just can’t beat, perfectly sized for every day. Honestly can you find a favorite among them you would hate after one season? Ah to create a complex layered wardrobe that surpasses the cyclical nature of trends! Besides who can have too many watches or handbags….or shoes for that matter?

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  1. Watches transcend thankfully, since I have a slight obsession with them and they can cost an arm-not a leg too but still an arm can be hefty for one little piece so you want it to be timeless! Oh and you forgot to add white tees to that last statement. You can never have too many plain white tees or tanks in my books too!


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