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Have you ever over judged your talents? We’re told to dream big by optimistic people. The only problem with your imagination running rampant is you find yourself wanting something you realize doesn’t actually exist. Hop into the sinking boat I was in a few weeks ago when I decided I wanted a pale timber side table styled around a vintage apple cart. After hours on Pinterest and the Google machine, I had all but given up….until my adventure at the Finders Keepers market.


I approached the Ernie bedside table by Milkcart tentatively and ran my fingers across the wood-grain taking in the lockable castor-ed glory. Is it possible this Danish styled simple and clean creation stepped out of my day dream for $85 (if so, it’s time to start dreaming about bigger furniture)? Beside it sat the concrete puddle stool that reminded me of my grandparents floor in India. Furniture up-cycled or that can make me feel something is always special and Marnie and Ryan of Milk cart have done this so well! I love my side table so maybe it’s time to think of what comes next Mr Beaker Lamp.

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