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I’ve been stripping back the wardrobe lately. Somewhere there’s a good will teeming with clothes I’ve previously been unable to part with. If I were a squirrel, granny cardies are what I’ve been storing up for a rainy day. Lets face it, I needed to let them go before I actually became a granny. Ill fitting outfits and tired pilled favorites are falling to the wayside in favor of the cosy knits and long coats that are increasingly essential in our version of winter. How else will I create new favorites?



Ok so there will always be some favorites that aren’t up for consideration like my favourite Fossil clutch and DIY hydrangea sparkle jelly heels but I’m on my way! Even after getting rid of the clothing that had “hobo” potential, I end up looking like I’m from the 90’s. How on earth did that happen?



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  1. Love the pink knit! 🙂 It’s good to have a clear out now and then – I can never bear to part with old favourites though most of them hang on in my wardrobe for years! I’m definitely a hoarder 😉

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