Dear Internets,


I wish the title of this post were a play on words and my beanie reading “sick” were an ironic statement. Unfortunately my brain cells do not have the capacity to be that witty at the moment, for the are drowning in the flu. I’ve had the chills, sweats, fever, cough, the sleepless night and the bouts of insomniac delirium.

Now I’m trying to drown that nasty flu in a barrage of hydration and liquid remedies. Hopefully them suckers can’t swim and if you are in the same boat, just remember the flu loves a dehydrated body and keeping hydrated isn’t as boring as plain old water any more.

1. For a cough.

Try an infusion of honey,lemon, ginger and thyme. Just chuck some slices of fresh peeled ginger, honey, and sticks of lemon tyme and lemon in some hot water. This should coat the back of your throat giving some relief from the cough. Wait for the water to cool and drink when warm. Hot water can aggravate the cough.


2. Home made soup.
Chicken has proven properties that aid in recovering from a cold but for those vegetarians or something a little bit different, why not try a spice moroccan soup? You’re numb taste buds will enjoy that extra punch of taste when everything else tastes like cardboard.

3. Aquamamma!
For those mums or mums to be out there, Aquamamma is your best friend. Natural, smells amazing and not strong enough to get those gag reflexes going. Hydration at it’s least burdensome, because sometimes water tastes horrible. Created by an OBGYN and with less sugar that coconut water to boot because those calories should be invested in chocolate.


Wish me luck getting over this thing!


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