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It’s Sunday night and I’m missing my weekend so it’s time for an early reviewsday! Some people love their saturday nights, others their lazy sundays but I love my every second family friday. Its the Sunday brunches with fewer people, smaller cues and some how greener parks. You know those days that are made of giggles, comfy jeans and sneakers? Yup, perfection.


While misery loves company, family Fridays are doted on by cute cafes. Ordinarily I would go for something I have never tried before or  a tested fave (because I work in extremes). When I ordered french toast, long believed to be the poorer cousin of waffles, I was clearly looking for three williams cafe to change my mind.


The husband went for their bimimbab narnie (sambo made with naan bread) and the kidlet furiously made a grab for my peanutbutter caramel shake (he has very good taste). I clearly won this ordering battle though I was disappointed to hear the narnie was a little dry. Despite the minor hitch, based on the service alone, I would go back in a heart beat!


Family friendly rating 5/5 !  Happy brunch days!

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