Dear Internets,


Remember that day you got your very first Impulse from the shops? It’s almost a teenage right of passage but now that I am no longer a teenager and the owner of many glass bottled fragrances, is it to be benched? While there are many lists, routines and relative chaotic order in my life, I’ll never be too old to be impulsive.




The new campaign is super cute too. Not only do you have nine fragrances to choose from, you can also explore the notes and mood to suit your changing life. From the violets and warm earthy scent that I chose to gardenia and pear, there’s such a range to choose from and they fit in my Chanel handbag! Head to the website to select your fragrance and grab a bottle next time you’re at the shops.




Photographed by Maggie of la petite mademoiselle
Feeling that romantic spark today wearing:

Top: Custom made swimmers from Kini Swimwear
(because I’m sick of this rain)
Wool pashmina: Thurley
Dust coat: Asos
Pants: Target (similar here)
Bag: Chanel
Boots: Zara



Dear Internets,283F06E4-7200-4EBE-A003-109ACD3DB85Ca

A is for amazing. A is for apps. A is for Alphatise. Now that my contribution to book week is over lets get to some exciting news! Have you ever lusted after something only to flip over the swing tag and realize you can’t afford it? My fear of flipping over swing tags is not the exciting news, its that there’s now an app for that!


Introducing Alphatise, the app that helps you search, scan or discover what you want. Once you’ve found it, set the price you’d want to pay and wait for the offers to start rolling in!  Then it’s just a matter grabbing it in store or rocking the online shopping cart. Having a say in what you pay…..is this not an awesome idea?

In celebration of the launch of this awesome App, we’re giving away phone speakers to 10 lucky people so you can go ahead and take that off your list! Unfortunately this giveaway is AUSTRALIA ONLY (because it is an Aussie tech start up company) but think how much better the odds just got.

Alphatise SpeakersTo enter:

1. Download the free app on itunes here or google play for you Android users

2. Show me a pic of your wish list . You can blog about it (just leave the url in the comments) or just send us a snap on twitter or instagram using @pixelhazard #alphatisebgl

3. Aphatise will then draw 10 names out of a hat and send your speakers on over!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Good Luck!


Dear Internets, IMG_9518


A wise woman once said “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”. Apparently I took that too much to heart and there are many things I like. This is the only reasoning I can give to having far more rings than I have fingers. Ordinarily you would see the prettiest of my wardrobe on my instagram feed but my jewellery rarely gets a look in for one of two reasons.


1. This is the rare occasion I am wearing a necklace without the kidlet trying to eat/destroy it 2. I have inherited the hands of my father and while I love my rings, they don’t look great photographed atop the litter of sausage dogs that are my digits. One word “MAN-HANDS’!


So if I dislike the way my hands look in photographs, why continue to buy rings? Because life is not lived in instagram moments and though it’s not on facebook, I believe it still happen. That makes me seem moderately sensible but really, I became addicted when a family friend took me to a jewellery store and bought me my first ring. I got to pick it on my own and it was all a big secret; I wasn’t allowed to tell my parents until I boarded a plane.That was what I was told and I was a very obedient child.


My obedience paid off and I got to keep my little gold and ruby ring. I’ve been hooked since so you may as well enjoy a visual raid of my hoarders obsession while I bury the shame of my BFG hangs in my pockets.




Dear Internets,


I have a long standing obsession with stationary despite being one of the few long standing relics that still leaves handwritten notes and sends snail mail. My obsession with lavender has only reared it’s head in the last year. It was only inevitable that beautiful lavender stationary would one day cross my path and then we would have the lust monster that stands before you.


Combine it with geometric diamond print jewelery plates and shapes and I never really stood a chance. Is there something about those diamonds that remind you of drawings you did as a child or was I the only little gold-digger artist out there? As I get ready to get back in the office, I might just NEED new stationary to get ready. After all, what good would I be without diamond note paper and a lavender file-o-fax….no good at all I tell you!



Live bright babies, live bright and shop the collection here at kikki-k!