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A is for amazing. A is for apps. A is for Alphatise. Now that my contribution to book week is over lets get to some exciting news! Have you ever lusted after something only to flip over the swing tag and realize you can’t afford it? My fear of flipping over swing tags is not the exciting news, its that there’s now an app for that!


Introducing Alphatise, the app that helps you search, scan or discover what you want. Once you’ve found it, set the price you’d want to pay and wait for the offers to start rolling in!  Then it’s just a matter grabbing it in store or rocking the online shopping cart. Having a say in what you pay… this not an awesome idea?

In celebration of the launch of this awesome App, we’re giving away phone speakers to 10 lucky people so you can go ahead and take that off your list! Unfortunately this giveaway is AUSTRALIA ONLY (because it is an Aussie tech start up company) but think how much better the odds just got.

Alphatise SpeakersTo enter:

1. Download the free app on itunes here or google play for you Android users

2. Show me a pic of your wish list . You can blog about it (just leave the url in the comments) or just send us a snap on twitter or instagram using @pixelhazard #alphatisebgl

3. Aphatise will then draw 10 names out of a hat and send your speakers on over!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Good Luck!

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