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A wise woman once said “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”. Apparently I took that too much to heart and there are many things I like. This is the only reasoning I can give to having far more rings than I have fingers. Ordinarily you would see the prettiest of my wardrobe on my instagram feed but my jewellery rarely gets a look in for one of two reasons.


1. This is the rare occasion I am wearing a necklace without the kidlet trying to eat/destroy it 2. I have inherited the hands of my father and while I love my rings, they don’t look great photographed atop the litter of sausage dogs that are my digits. One word “MAN-HANDS’!


So if I dislike the way my hands look in photographs, why continue to buy rings? Because life is not lived in instagram moments and though it’s not on facebook, I believe it still happen. That makes me seem moderately sensible but really, I became addicted when a family friend took me to a jewellery store and bought me my first ring. I got to pick it on my own and it was all a big secret; I wasn’t allowed to tell my parents until I boarded a plane.That was what I was told and I was a very obedient child.


My obedience paid off and I got to keep my little gold and ruby ring. I’ve been hooked since so you may as well enjoy a visual raid of my hoarders obsession while I bury the shame of my BFG hangs in my pockets.



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  1. You have some very cute rings! I’m more of a bracelet person than a ring person, but like you are finding with the necklaces, minimal jewellery seems to work best with baby in tow!

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