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Back packs have now become my fall back staple accessory. Before you start asking “who ARE you?“, bear in mind “mum” is a resounding part of the answer. When you have to carry nappies, wipes and half chewed snacks in zip lock bags, I can think of nothing better than candy coating it in a beautiful back pack. That way I can pretend there are actually novels, notebooks and dark chocolate inside it instead.


You won’t be seeing any Billibong or Rip curl back packs on me however. Those were the backpacks of my high school years. Now I’m pressing my nose against the Louis Vuitton window ogling the Bosphore and Palk. Sure they sound like Ikea furniture but these babies are in a league of their own.


Shy of that, and believe me I’m quite shy ( $$ ), All I want is something with:

  • A functional close
  • durable material
  • simple and classic
  • big enough to fit everything unless it’s that chanel one…then who cares


Fortunately there are budget friendly options out there that allow you to keep those hands free for important things like eating a burger. Check those out and for more deets on the images, follow us on Pinterest.
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  1. Bahahaha Billabong and Rusty! Whenever I think of backpacks I think of those 90’s school kind that I lugged around. Blah, oh so daggy! I think that’s why I have such an aversion to this trend. Even though that Chanel looks mighty tempting and I’ve been even eyeing an Elizabeth & James for some weeks now…


  2. Girls in university take handbags mostly, but I love how I am still studying and it won’t look out of place to have a stylish leather backpack like ones of those above!! Leave the handbag for a girls night out or something, backpacks are so much cooler!! Thanks for the continual support on my blog, returning the love <3

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