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On Sunny Sundays we brunch. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear this Sushi and Sake tank from the Mink Pink Lost in Translation campaign, ever since I got it. I even thought to suggest Japanese food but who needs an excuse to wear cute tanks and brunch with cute friends. Not me guy!


We congregated around cups of espresso poured over vanilla choc-fudge ice cream for a brunch that surpassed lunching hours, just the way it should be. Talking about fashion, men and the human psyche, even now I cannot begin to think what those bridging sentences sounded like. Despite the short term memory loss, I walked away with a coffee buzz, in an outfit not wasted ,catching up with friends. The perfect girly Sunday morning, in my books.

Maggie | Nora

After all that hard work I had no other option than to spend the day’s remainder having afternoon tea, cuddles and a little internet shopping. A whole day spent comfortably in my first piece from the ‘Lost in Translation‘ collection is surely enough to warrant more of it? The next items on my hit-list are the Kimono cloud dress and the Oriental cloud kimono.



Just because I like you and am totally your shopping enabler, I even compiled some easy to find quick links to other outfits in the campaign in 1, 2, 3. Pair them with some harder boyfriend style items like over-sized tees, baseballs caps and denim jackets and you’re onto a guaranteed winner.



Photographed by Maggie wearing:
Bag | Popcorn box at Japan disneyland
Tank | Mink Pink
Jacket | Thrifted & customized
Skirt | 1&20 blackbirds from the iconic (similar)
Shoes | Windsor Smith


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  1. Sunday brunches are the best. I didn’t this last weekend but I generally make a big effort to have at least one brunch over the weekends. I love you tee and jacket.

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