Dear Internets,

Mystery, scale and memories. Doors have always welcomed me. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the stoop of my parents house watching the world go by, seeking respite under the brim of an entrance in the chamber of giants or absorbing the days heat from the marble floor that forms my grandparent’s entry way in India.They are history and intrigue in themselves, even when closed.


They can lead to unguarded VIP sections at concerts, shortcuts to rides at theme parks, ways to avoid buying an item from each section of IKEA or nothing at all and sometimes that’s enough. It seems today that was the case or perhaps my attire, even sheathed in a sequins jacket did not classify as “Sunday best” enough to gain side entrance to this church.


Let’s face it, today was just a ‘comfy pants’ sort of day and there are none comfier than the one from H&M I just scored. One of the few stores whose translation into Australia has not been a disappointment, I could not help shop all their basics and then this cute beach bag to put it all in. Paired with my Mink Pink Lost in Translation “sushi and sake” muscle tee and black ballet flats, I was the picture of …well you can see them for yourself, thanks to my photog Maggie


Pixel wears:
Sequins Jacket | Bardot
Top | Minkpink
Pants & Bag | H&M
Shoes | Emerson

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  1. I have a thing for doors too but I must admit I’ve never given them much more thought aside from a design point of view. But you’re right, so damn right. They’re so much more than a pattern or colour, carving or splintering. These things open up to cool places! They’re a mystery really, when closed, because you have no idea what really lurks behind. Damn, I could go on but I won’t bore the internets with my philosophising


  2. So many good doorways in Sydney! Glad you found that beach bag, it’s suits your style so well and I love that it’s so functional as well (none of that sand stuck at the bottom of your bag!) I need to drop by H&M soon, still haven’t stepped into their store yet!

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