Dear Internets,


How was your Christmas? This year. we’ve treated gluttony like a marathon not a race. It’s the 28th & I’ve been indulging a little every day since Christmas. If you are looking for help with your weight loss resolutions, turn away now. This is not a motivational story of that sort. It’s a story of endurance grazing instead.

was about grilled fish brunches and fully roast dinner complete with hazelnut nectarine tart and home made ice cream
Boxing Day was our second Christmas this year. Lots of chocolate, pretzels, and a big roast lunch for all
The 27th was all about sales and Chinese food to get you through it combined with a less enthusiastic leftovers sandwich for dinner
The 28th we’re winding down with family yumcha. Time for lazy loose dresses, old Docs and top knots.



Perhaps the trick is to never get to the point of bursting at the seams, and lots of herbal tea. Denial also helps avoid the post meal guilts and shopping withing a fixed budget seems to make everything more victorious. I had the most successful haul in ages. Between Mum, Sarahteaa and I, we destroyed Sportsgirl, Forever 21, Bras n Things, General Pants, Lush, Peter Alexander, Glassons and Kiki.k this year. What are your Christmas survival tips and gifting destinations?


Pixelhazard wears:
Smock Dress| Sportsgirl
Backpack | Collette | similar
Boots | Dr Martens | 1460 jewel
Scarf | From France | thrifted


Dear Internets,


There’s something comforting about the sound of whirring metallic fan blades. To me, combined with the noise of cricket (the sport and the bug I suppose), it is the soundtrack of summer. Most people are either cold or hot season people; its mutually exclusive. I happen to be the latter which seriously conflicts with my commitment to layers. All this “interesting” information is primarily to preserve a perception of sanity when you see me out and about in a leather jacket.


Perhaps my brain has melted from overheating because I can’t help myself. I love the Disney Snow white theme I painted of the back and am too stubborn to wait for the weather to cool. Coupled with my current love of jumpsuits, platforms and never ending love of perspex jewelry and dinosaurs, I make the perfect picture of disjointed fun. Can you imagine how I would have dressed as a child given free reign?





Pixels giant Crayola look:
Jacket | Thrifted and painted
Jumpsuit | Forever New (similar)
Shoes | Windsor Smith
Earrings | Tokyo somewhere
Necklace | Gift from HK
Green Lantern Ring | Maccas



Dear Internets,


I can’t believe have quickly time flies. You know that almost annoying last chance rack in your fave store? Well that’s what the entire Lazy oaf pop up is going to be as of tomorrow! They are packing up shop and going back to the country they came from and soon will be noting but a lusty twinkle in your international shipping budget. Oh what’s that you say? You don’t have a international shipping budget?




Sarahteaa and I went along to the launch to be met with a hot-dog stand, cocktails and an array of pretty things neatly arranged around sweets. Now it’s your turn to touch them, try them but try not to look too strange doing it. I promise it will only take a few minutes to convince yourself you need to reward yourself with a little gift this christmas. Why not make them fluffy, with googly eyes? At launch, Sarahteaa and I found far too many faves. From the classic cereal print shirt to the Garfield backpack and slogan tees.




Being one of the few brands designed creatively for both men and women, I found myself perusing both section and not with the man in mind. Dissappointed we couldn’t buy it all, we stole away a midst the vodka plied rabble to a little book store to wile away the night. Lazy Oaf, we hope you felt welcome enough in Oz to open up shop permanently some time. We promise to be worth the long distance relationship.



Dear Internets,


Most people have a beauty product lover in their lives. I had never understood spending so much time and effort on soaps and creams until a few years ago and since then, I’ve been hunting for products I can really get behind. Finally I have a team of things I enjoy and enjoy giving to friends and family over the holiday season.


1. DermaSukin gentle body wash. I love Sukin and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but when it comes to soap. I think everyone could do without all the harsh chemicals disguised under pretty names. You skin in your first form of defense, so stop destroying all that good bacteria but get rid of the grime. It has the added bonus of not getting up my nose and making me feel like I’ve just had too much wasabi but apparently that’s a problem unique to me.

2. Lush Batch bombs. Sure you don’t have baths but these babies are worth the break in routine. A little fragrant/gentle/sparkly “choose-your-own-adventure” decadent take on hygiene. Their approach tends to be earth friendly and if you only have a shower at your place, there are plenty of other things you could try and will love!

3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. I have notoriously dry skin so when Maggie gifted this to me, I had no idea my skin would love it more than sorbolene, all without that horrible sorbolene-ey smell.


4. Demeter’s cologne from Molten Store. I’m not sure what marshmallow smells like off the top of my head but if you tell me you don’t want to smell like it, I’ll call you a liar.

5. Grown Alchemist Regenerating night cream. A little ex-ey but isn’t the future of your skin worth it? If your answer is no, that’s ok, you’re probably young, you have time. For those those outside of that boat, try out this life raft and drink a whole heap of water,

6. Boots No7. If anyone goes to the UK and asks what I want, my response in boots no7. Winner of many beauty awards and accolades, it’s one product I could feel working a few days after I used it. If you don’t know anyone travelling that way, Try Amcal, they stock some of the range.

I hope you love them as much as I do!