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How was your Christmas? This year. we’ve treated gluttony like a marathon not a race. It’s the 28th & I’ve been indulging a little every day since Christmas. If you are looking for help with your weight loss resolutions, turn away now. This is not a motivational story of that sort. It’s a story of endurance grazing instead.

was about grilled fish brunches and fully roast dinner complete with hazelnut nectarine tart and home made ice cream
Boxing Day was our second Christmas this year. Lots of chocolate, pretzels, and a big roast lunch for all
The 27th was all about sales and Chinese food to get you through it combined with a less enthusiastic leftovers sandwich for dinner
The 28th we’re winding down with family yumcha. Time for lazy loose dresses, old Docs and top knots.



Perhaps the trick is to never get to the point of bursting at the seams, and lots of herbal tea. Denial also helps avoid the post meal guilts and shopping withing a fixed budget seems to make everything more victorious. I had the most successful haul in ages. Between Mum, Sarahteaa and I, we destroyed Sportsgirl, Forever 21, Bras n Things, General Pants, Lush, Peter Alexander, Glassons and Kiki.k this year. What are your Christmas survival tips and gifting destinations?


Pixelhazard wears:
Smock Dress| Sportsgirl
Backpack | Collette | similar
Boots | Dr Martens | 1460 jewel
Scarf | From France | thrifted

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  1. That is such a cute dress, and I love your headscarf! 🙂

    Have to say though – I think the best part of Christmas is the leftovers! A meal for the family that can keep you going for at least another day, maybe a day and a half if you really cook up a storm, hehe! 🙂 I always love lounging around boxing day enjoying the fact that you don’t have to do much to continue eating good food! 🙂

  2. I have to say that I ate surprisingly less this holiday season that I thought I would. I did a lot of baking to give gifts to others and it seems that by the time I had baked for everyone else I really didn’t want anything myself! Crazy, I know. I did however receive a couple boxes of fancy chocolates that I am sure will try to hamper my attempts to eat healthy in the new year.

    I love your pictures. The print on your dress is so pretty.

    Happy New Year!

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