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There’s something comforting about the sound of whirring metallic fan blades. To me, combined with the noise of cricket (the sport and the bug I suppose), it is the soundtrack of summer. Most people are either cold or hot season people; its mutually exclusive. I happen to be the latter which seriously conflicts with my commitment to layers. All this “interesting” information is primarily to preserve a perception of sanity when you see me out and about in a leather jacket.


Perhaps my brain has melted from overheating because I can’t help myself. I love the Disney Snow white theme I painted of the back and am too stubborn to wait for the weather to cool. Coupled with my current love of jumpsuits, platforms and never ending love of perspex jewelry and dinosaurs, I make the perfect picture of disjointed fun. Can you imagine how I would have dressed as a child given free reign?





Pixels giant Crayola look:
Jacket | Thrifted and painted
Jumpsuit | Forever New (similar)
Shoes | Windsor Smith
Earrings | Tokyo somewhere
Necklace | Gift from HK
Green Lantern Ring | Maccas


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  1. Love the bright pink! 🙂

    Your jacket it awesome so I can understand you wanting to wear it often even with the heat. Some days you can get away with it, if you’re in and out of air con a lot! 🙂

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