Dear Internets,


It’s becoming more and more apparent that my “sister dates” with Sarahteaa should really be renamed “fatty dates”. While fun, they’ve become quite formulaic. We go somewhere under the guise of shopping, eat too much, blame each other for eating too much and then have a tired hysterical conversation on the long car ride home.




To some, this may appear to be a complaint. It isn’t, because sister dates are AWESOME! Who else can I lunch with in smorgasbord style with no fear of feeling like a piggy? Due to our “can’ talk, EATING!” attitude, I have taken some liberty, extracting a still from Miyazaki’s film, spirited away in lieu of an action shot.


The cold rainy weather egged us on like a brooding teenage so we dressed accordingly. Sarahteaa in her beanie, scarf and ripped jeans and me in my pashmina , duster coat and newly bought sportsgirl shoes (because my black pumps were killing me!). How different our tastes in fashion , how similar our tastes in food.


Pixelharad’s food:
Cheeseburger and crunchy fries | Moo
Old School Lamington Ice cream | N2
Passionfruit curd cronut | Brewtown


Dear Internets,


Despite living in a perpetually drought stricken country, it’s amazing how many enemies rain has managed to make. An unfortunate skill that was displayed to perfection last long weekend. The culmination of Australia day public holiday and Indian independence day sprinkled generously with big fat rain drops rather than confetti got everyone worked up.


‘How was your long weekend?”
Great except for MONDAY!
“Oh no, what happen?”
remember? it rained!

While many chose to regard that extra day off as snatched from their vice like grip, I put on some sneakers, a jacket, hat and got on with it! What better excuse to do nothing but cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, read a book, eat wintery foods in summer or in my case, risk a drenching for a brunch out.


Don’t worry, it’s not optimism that leaves me irritatingly immune to the spirit dampening downpour. It is in fact my stubborn refusal to give up an extra day off. During the week, as someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I have nothing but bad things to say about being forced to wear certain shoes, park in narrow expensive undercover packing lots and incidental drenching. Gladly this can all be done over hot coffee with like minded irritated people. Misery loves company.

Pixelhazard wears:
Hat | Lack of Color | Mirage
Pokemon tee | O’mighty | Beginning Boutique
Necklace | House of baulch
Sneakers | Converse |Batman similar
Jacket | Thrifted and DIY
Pants | H &M


Dear Internets,


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah I know I’ve missed that boat a little but in my defense it has been a crazy hospital trip kind of start to the year. All good now and back to blogging. I was going to start this post off with “you know those days when you wake up feeling a little like Catherine Zita Jones from Zorro and Frida Kahlo combined?” and then I saw everyone joking around about the current generation not knowing who Paul McCartney was and thought better of it. To be fair I was taking visual cues from my caterpillar brows so like Frida said “there is nothing worth more than laughter”, so let’s make light and push on.


Presenting : kidlet’s favorite dress. It’s not often a one year old boy has a comment on your wardrobe but this Cocolatte dress is for certain my son’s favorite. The kind I bet he’ll remember when he’s older, like my memories of seeing mum put lipstick on and the 80’s prints on our bed sheets that looked like an infinite number of animals and shapes.


To me it’s a light weight maxi I can comfortably throw on and feel pretty in, while we have this heavy sticky heat. To him its an interesting series of colored shapes in tickly embroidered thread he can trace his fingers around and just be all round fascinated with. Win win situation if I ever saw one. So much so that my 2 cocolatte maxi’s are my current summer faves/obsessions. It doesn’t hurt that I am constantly complimented despite the little effort it takes to fling a dress over my head to achieve this look.



Pixelhazard wears:

Shades | Tomy Hilfiger
Hat | Revival
Bracelet | From Greece
Thongs | Bata India
Maxi | Cocolatte | sold out
Watch | Fossil | similar