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It’s becoming more and more apparent that my “sister dates” with Sarahteaa should really be renamed “fatty dates”. While fun, they’ve become quite formulaic. We go somewhere under the guise of shopping, eat too much, blame each other for eating too much and then have a tired hysterical conversation on the long car ride home.




To some, this may appear to be a complaint. It isn’t, because sister dates are AWESOME! Who else can I lunch with in smorgasbord style with no fear of feeling like a piggy? Due to our “can’ talk, EATING!” attitude, I have taken some liberty, extracting a still from Miyazaki’s film, spirited away in lieu of an action shot.


The cold rainy weather egged us on like a brooding teenage so we dressed accordingly. Sarahteaa in her beanie, scarf and ripped jeans and me in my pashmina , duster coat and newly bought sportsgirl shoes (because my black pumps were killing me!). How different our tastes in fashion , how similar our tastes in food.


Pixelharad’s food:
Cheeseburger and crunchy fries | Moo
Old School Lamington Ice cream | N2
Passionfruit curd cronut | Brewtown

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  1. Can’t believe it’s been so cold and rainy for your summer! 🙁 We ave had a day or two quite wet weather here in brisbane, but nothing requiring too many layers thankfully.

    Hope the warmer summer weather comes out for you soon! 🙂 I do like the scarves you are both wearing though 🙂

    Away From The Blue

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