Dear Internets,


Yup, I’ve taken the blog equivalent of a long liquid lunch because life has been pretty mental.  You may be fooled into thinking you have seen me sitting around doing nothing but I’ve just mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. As a result, many of my meals have been sipped on the go. I’ve become the master of fresh juice and home made smoothie combos but tomorrow I have no time to stop and I can’t make a smoothie out of my hotel room.


Tomorrow (so I don’t just get drive through junk food) my liquid meals on the go are made by pressed juices. I’ve been sold on the Mylks for years, particularly my fave: the espresso almond milk. Next on the hit-list: a banana salted caramel smoothie and a tonic. Keep an eye on my instagram, I’ll be looking out for their raw food too. What are your fave liquid lunch combos?

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