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Link Knit sweater | Zara | USD $49.90

It’s miserable outside. The scenes from my window resemble extreme weather warnings on the news or that shot of palm trees bending under grey skies used in every “end of the world”movie. While ordinarily I would rug up and get on with it, I thought i’d at least wait until certain death was no longer lingering on my doorstep.


Besides, last year in a “my closet is a mess and it’s always hot” post baby huff, I donated so many of my bulky coats and chunky knits in the misguided hope it would mean a less chunky me. Now I long for those lovely knits back and thank god fashion has heard my plea in full force.


Relaxed Mohair Knit | Witchery | AU $129.95


Deep Uv Knit |Witchery | AU$129.95


Lunar Rock Skivvy Jumper | Evil Twin via MarketHQ |AU$79


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  1. Oh I like that brown witchery one! Maybe the long length not ideal on my petite frame though. But that’s the problem with most knits on me, haha! 🙂

    Hope you are safe and dry from the recent crazy weather! It’s been cold and rainy in Brisbane too but nothing like Sydney!

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