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You know those people that can only talk about their (please choose appropriate) babies…cats…dogs? Well I’ve become a little like that with podcasts. If you ever get into my car, chances are I’m listening to a podcast with the expectation that you will show as much enthusiasm as If i’d showed you my precious (please choose appropriate) moped…shoes…craft object. That said, here’s my list of podcasts you should like before we go on a road trip.

99i99% invisible

The pod cast for people who like design or structures you never knew existed but will definitely feel the need to google afterwards

avatars-000122929439-p7gan2-t500x500There’s no such thing as a fish
Randomness and hilarity in the form of a podcast by the QI elves. 4 favorite facts of the week and the consequences of discussing them. p.s if you like yeti stories, this one is for you.

2 men bickering about their theories on everything. Interesting information likely to stay in your brain and produce conversations at parties. Might win you tv quiz shows like million dollar minute.

For the thoughtful person who guiltily watches crime shows on tv and likes stories unraveling piece by piece.

cover170x170Grown ups read things they wrote as kids
Another mostly funny one. While it’s irksome reading your own words back, there’s far less dieing from embarrassment when peeking into someone else’s childhood journal .


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