Dear Internets,


While my wardrobe and lifestyle seem to be transitioning into the most sensible version of itself, the weird sneaks out from time to time. Somehow amongst virtual shopping cart of black skirts, duster coats and weather appropriate knitwear, this crazy bag made the cut. While I was looking for something for quick trips that need nothing more that a phone, wallet and keys, my left brain screamed “beige or black cross body”. My late night shopping on my phone brain screamed Skinny Dip unicorn tears novelty across body bag.

Looks like my strangeness lives on somewhere.


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  1. haha that bag is awesome! 🙂 I think it’s good, a fun kinda quirky bag to balance out a sensible outfit 🙂 We can’t have boring bags all the time, definitely room for a novelty bag or two!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the long weekend!

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