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In the age of digital photography, it’s a rare occasion for us to capture three generations on film, least of all on the Mother’s day weekend. Thank goodness for our long standing obsession tradition of having our photo’s taken by In an instant Photography at The Finders Keepers markets. Mum normally opts to stand on the side lines and watch her crazy kids be themselves but not on Mother’s day weekend dammit! My request for her to hold that “total babe” sign  is my fondest styling decision to date.


Cute headgear, signs and props in tow with a lovely new backdrop behind us, we were like contestants in one of those “you get to keep whatever you can grab in 10 seconds” game shows. With all the confusion and giggling it was fortunate for us that the creative minds and hard workers behind In an instant, Jess and Seb are patient.So accommodating and enthusiastic, they manage to extract that feeling of awkwardness anyone but a Victoria’s secret model must feel in front of a camera.


So deep is our dedication, we appear on one of their flyers, which mum may have collected 5 of on the day because she is a mum and her daughters are on a flyer and that’s just what mums do. Since we buy photos each time we go, getting on that flyer had nothing to do with our good looks but don’t tell mum, she says we get it from her. Grand delusions aside, you can hire In an instant for your own wedding, birthday or ‘just because’ party.


Polaroid Packages

  • Custom made craft backdrop or pre-made options(extra)
  • Props
  • 100 Polaroid photos
  • 2 photographers
  • Unlimited digital images (delivered post event)
  • Handmade wooden DVD box & USB stick with high res images (delivered post event)
  • Online gallery
  • Set up and pack up

2 hours: $950
3 hours: $1150
4 hours: $1300


Digital only packages include: 

  • Pre-made backdrop
  • Props
  • 50 Polaroids*
  • 2 photographers
  • Unlimited digital images
  • USB stick with high res images (delivered post event)
  • Online gallery
  • Set up and pack up

*We decided to sneak in a few Polaroids!!


2 hours: $650
3 hours: $800
4 hours: $950



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  1. You are incredible! Thankyou for writing such lovely words about the photobooth! We always love having you and your family around to hangout with us and appreciate the true art of being stylishly goofy. Stay awesome, and we cannot wait to see you again.

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