Dear Internets,


Winter is a cheap date. It’s sunday and there are very few things required to achieve total luxury in my eyes. Four to be exact if we don’t count the place where we spend a large portion of our lives. The staring point should always be bed. There is just no place like it and the older I get, the more I love it. Fresh sheets is all it takes to rekindle the love affair with my own bed should I sway after a particularly comfy hotel stay. With such a good foundation, everything else is just cherry on the cake. Here are my faves:


1. Give me a cup of tea. Currently drinking T2 tea from the sweet dreams series because its lovely and naturally decaf because tomorrow is a working day after all!


2. A blanket to get cozy in. Currently buried under my silk kantha quilt from India but this super chunky knit fleece blanket would be my next choice.


3. A good book. Currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler because intelligent funny woman are unstoppable.


4. Something to nibble on. Currently snacking on a modified version of half baked harvest’s nutella banana tarte tatin. Bed is not usually a place for food but sometimes you have to break the rules and if ever it’s going to happen, you want it to be on a wintery sunday afternoon. For savory lover’s, building a perfect cheese board to Hither & Thither’s specifications will also be acceptable .


Now go forth and have the best 4 cherry Sunday of your life, every single week. While your at it, get in the right mood with Pinterest in bed. Just like normal pinterest with double the cozy.


Dear Internets,


I have a magic skill. We could start a conversation about absolutely anything and yet the conversation will turn to food. I’m the girl who is eating lunch with you and thinking about her next meal and next outfit in any available comfortable silences.


With all my eating experiencence eating here’s my cafe guide for Sydney wide. I’ve tried to pick things in areas commonly neglected  but you should still see a few usual suspects.

Culture Bean, 15 Gray St, Kogarah
They make the best acai bowl ($15) which I have yet to be able to finish and their pesto chicken pasta is so tasty. The biggest challenge you’ll find here is getting a table and selecting a cronut/scroll. The menu isn’t huge but what they do, they do well.

Ristretto and Co. 156 Northumberland St, Liverpool
It’s slim pickings for a good cafe in this area so expect this place to be busy at meal times but its worth it. Great cafe food with quaint seating out the back, it is often seen as the Surry Hills of the west. While they are also a purveyor of great baked goods, the hot food , meals to go and general vibe make it an enjoyable place to go. They even have a offshoot call the shed that focusses on coffee and cakes.


Brewtown Newtown,6-8 O’Connel St, Newtown 
CRONUTS! yeah yeah I know but the savory foods are stand alone stars. Colourful, beautiful, complex and seasonal they are not to be underestimated or neglected. Sure you’ll have to stifle a giggle when a man looking like the pinicle of hipster delivers you super tasty breakfast juice with nothing more than a “a BJ , thanks” and disappearing as mysteriously as he appears but what a conversation starter. When I wasn’t diving into my Salmon Gravlax, I was marvelling at how a busy, noisy cafe could be set up so well to facilitate private conversations with friends. Don’t forget your wallet, you’ll probably buy things to go as well.

Sadhana Kitchen, 147 Enmore Rd, Enmore
If you are on instagram you’ve probably seent their work. Raw, vegan and healthy are all great buzz words and this place is loved by many but not me. While the staff are lovely, I find the cafe a bit cold and canteen-ish with food that generally makes me feel cheated…I can believe it’s not butter. Then again I’m indian and therefore, pretty tough on vegan food. Their coco whip however, I will come back for any day. The naughty but nice texture and flavour packed sundaes are incredible and should be at $13 but as long as I have a job, I won’t hesitate to return.


Bills, 433 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst
Lovely wait staff, proper chai tea and a rose pistachio pavlova with macerated strawberries that is to die for. The corn fritters are pretty damn good too.
Passiontree velvet, K3415, Macquarie Centre, Corner Herring and Waterloo  Rds, N. Ryde

Beautiful French pastries , hot chocolates, high tea and macaron towers, this place is perfectly located for pre or post shopping as well. The rose tea is perfection on a cold rainy day but trying to eat a salted caramel tart all on my ow was really biting off more than I could chew. I bought quite a few of the macarons for Mother’s day and they were so tasty with some great flavours too.

The Factoria & Grano, 1009 Canley Vale Rd, Wetherill Park 
Start with brunch and the Factoria and then move next door to Grano for a little italian food. Cronuts filled with ricotta on the spot, gelato, coffee and any antipasto you could think of crammed into paninis, The factoria is a fine food providore as well as a cafe

Ok so if you haven’t put on weight by association or died from the overload I would be shocked. While I have you in this cheerful sedate visual coma, I have a question for you.


What would the ultimate day on your own look like?

I have one coming up and I don’t waste this gem on catching up on laundry.


Dear Internets,


Sick leave: a guilty day of feeling like I cheated on my job with laziness. Suffice to say I do not take sick leave often but this morning I woke up feeling mysteriously terrible. Who needs medical certificates when I can just prove I didn’t leave the house to shop, buy food or rent a movie. That is the true proof you aren’t well enough to work! For moment’s like these, I have a hit list of creature comfort that are healing must haves.


1. Bottomless cups of tea. I’ve been alternating between matcha tea, decaf T2 rose tea and green tea in beautiful crockery.


2. Carbs are my warm hug when I’m sick. Simple, small and filling for those moments when eating is not a first priority. Today as I was starving, it looked like a mini sourdough roll with parsley, goat’s cheese and extra virgin olive oil.


3. A good book. Sometimes we need to take a scheduled break from tech. It’s sad how foreign a concept recreational reading has become so it’s time to hit a classic. “Dr Jeckyll and MR Hyde” or anything from the Penguin classics works for me.


4. CANDLES! There is something very relaxing and indulgent about fresh flowers and candles that shouldn’t be. I’m a firm believer that they should be a part of your every day life which is why there feature on my dining table, dresser, side table and atop each vanity in the house. beautiful and functional. Today I called the Airwick silhouette multicolor to the plate.



You have probably seen all the ads and walked past it in the grocery store and wondered how it changes colour, I stil haven’t figured it out but on the rare occasion, I’m quite happy to attribute something to “magic” and just enjoy. The moment it’s lit, the base illuminated the entire candle and softly switches colour. There are no switches or buttons so when you blow out your candle, the light dissipates just as mysteriously as it arrived.


Available in amber mandarin glow and french vanilla romance, the silhouettes depict different outdoor scenes for when you’d rather be indoors. I really enjoyed the subtlty of vanilla, particularly today when I’m not feeling well. I have a feeling these candles are going to win me brownie points with the mother in law too. Bonus!



Dear Internets,


Growing up I had a friend who was a skateboarder. She was so cool and revolutionary in my eyes because boys skateboard and girls roller-blade. Sure it was a bit of a thought limiting disaster but forgive me, I was young and probably thinking of the guys from Clueless at the time. It didn’t help that her way of teaching me how to ride was to get me on her board and push me down a small hill. For you aussies out there, I had about the same level of confidence riding the bush-beast at wonderland for the first time (a huge roller coaster in the 90’s that looked like it was made entirely out of abandoned fence posts).


These days boards are better and there is no better than Penny skateboards. Their gorgeous high grip flexible set up is a visual and practical design triumph with bright chip resistant wheels and vibrant powder coated trucks. While I’ve got a 22′ dusk from the Penny painted fades collection here, beginners can opt for a larger 27′ inch board to ease into things.



If it were me, I’d want Carlton from the Penny Fresh Prints range because when I asked my husband “when did the 90’s come back?” he answered “they never left” and he was so right. Reigniting the nostalgic magic of the ‘90s in all its glory, Penny’s Fresh Prints range is a radical mix of bright colours and geometric prints for carefree fun. What’s more, they look like they were created by the same design team that made clothes for the Saved by the bell kids and who the heck doesn’t want that is skateboard form? Available in Buffy , Slater or Spike, there are options for a few different aesthetics but they’re running out of stock fast.


For those of you who aren’t still constantly stacking it like me, there is a 3D penny customize where you can build your own board from the grip tape up. The bad news is, now I want the one I created on the website as well! For now I may have to settle for riding off into the dusk channeling Buffy and slaying some concrete.



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