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Winter is a cheap date. It’s sunday and there are very few things required to achieve total luxury in my eyes. Four to be exact if we don’t count the place where we spend a large portion of our lives. The staring point should always be bed. There is just no place like it and the older I get, the more I love it. Fresh sheets is all it takes to rekindle the love affair with my own bed should I sway after a particularly comfy hotel stay. With such a good foundation, everything else is just cherry on the cake. Here are my faves:


1. Give me a cup of tea. Currently drinking T2 tea from the sweet dreams series because its lovely and naturally decaf because tomorrow is a working day after all!


2. A blanket to get cozy in. Currently buried under my silk kantha quilt from India but this super chunky knit fleece blanket would be my next choice.


3. A good book. Currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler because intelligent funny woman are unstoppable.


4. Something to nibble on. Currently snacking on a modified version of half baked harvest’s nutella banana tarte tatin. Bed is not usually a place for food but sometimes you have to break the rules and if ever it’s going to happen, you want it to be on a wintery sunday afternoon. For savory lover’s, building a perfect cheese board to Hither & Thither’s specifications will also be acceptable .


Now go forth and have the best 4 cherry Sunday of your life, every single week. While your at it, get in the right mood with Pinterest in bed. Just like normal pinterest with double the cozy.

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