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Sick leave: a guilty day of feeling like I cheated on my job with laziness. Suffice to say I do not take sick leave often but this morning I woke up feeling mysteriously terrible. Who needs medical certificates when I can just prove I didn’t leave the house to shop, buy food or rent a movie. That is the true proof you aren’t well enough to work! For moment’s like these, I have a hit list of creature comfort that are healing must haves.


1. Bottomless cups of tea. I’ve been alternating between matcha tea, decaf T2 rose tea and green tea in beautiful crockery.


2. Carbs are my warm hug when I’m sick. Simple, small and filling for those moments when eating is not a first priority. Today as I was starving, it looked like a mini sourdough roll with parsley, goat’s cheese and extra virgin olive oil.


3. A good book. Sometimes we need to take a scheduled break from tech. It’s sad how foreign a concept recreational reading has become so it’s time to hit a classic. “Dr Jeckyll and MR Hyde” or anything from the Penguin classics works for me.


4. CANDLES! There is something very relaxing and indulgent about fresh flowers and candles that shouldn’t be. I’m a firm believer that they should be a part of your every day life which is why there feature on my dining table, dresser, side table and atop each vanity in the house. beautiful and functional. Today I called the Airwick silhouette multicolor to the plate.



You have probably seen all the ads and walked past it in the grocery store and wondered how it changes colour, I stil haven’t figured it out but on the rare occasion, I’m quite happy to attribute something to “magic” and just enjoy. The moment it’s lit, the base illuminated the entire candle and softly switches colour. There are no switches or buttons so when you blow out your candle, the light dissipates just as mysteriously as it arrived.


Available in amber mandarin glow and french vanilla romance, the silhouettes depict different outdoor scenes for when you’d rather be indoors. I really enjoyed the subtlty of vanilla, particularly today when I’m not feeling well. I have a feeling these candles are going to win me brownie points with the mother in law too. Bonus!


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  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I have one of these candles – although not in this designs and it’s always fun having it on when guests come around as everyone tried to figure out the ‘magic’ that makes it change colour! I’m happy just believing that it is magic, but a few people have got frustrated and headed to google, haha!

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