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It’s that time again, when I spot something hopelessly perfect that I need in my life but lack the means to pursue. Lately, after many flights, delays and travels to come, headphones have presented themselves in my sights. There are so many options and 200% of it is beats by Dr Dre related. Whats a girl to do when she just wants good headphones that are pretty too and blue-tooth wireless without spending money intentioned for daycare? Compromise



Sometimes you just need to block out noise and that paperwork accessing you from every smart screen in the vicinity. Sometimes a little Kanye converted into baby lullaby tinkly sounding music is soothing for mumma too. Sometimes I want to do all of that while feeling like a mermaid and that’s ok too according to the Mimco x Frends collaboration. They are in store or floating around Myer if you are lucky, because the mid year sales have them moving quickly. Snap them up without worrying about getting bored. When you change your mood, just load more music, buy more shells and change the look.


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