Dear Internets,


Gift guides are all over the place this time of year, many from stores all conveniently listing their brands boasting to have you sorted this father’s day. Today I bring you a collection of this I have considered getting the men in my life. Hopefully it hits a chord with the sporty, crazy, funny. men in your life who don’t really understand the point of cushions.


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1.Triumph & Disaster. No this is not the succinct description of the way this gift is going to go down. Triumph & disaster are beautiful men’s toiletries including moisturizers, exfoliates and hair products from New Zealand. Seldom are men’s “beauty” products this considered and lovely. The stash box ($189 NZD) is a perfect idea for that facial hair’d dad.



2. Fitbit Charge $169 AUD. There are other trackers like Garmin that are great but if your dad is competitive go with the one that runs in the family. For us it’s the Fitbit and once the niceties of Father’s day is over, crush him in a work week challenge.


3. Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones $159 AUD. Bring dad back to the present and out of a tangled mess with these awesome wireless headphones. Great sound quality for those tech savvy dads constantly in front of their laptops, tablets or smart phones. Be warned, if your dad is none of these things but loves music, you are also investing in time figuring out how to get Abba onto whatever musically capable device while he explains the history of music technology in his lifetime.


4. Happy Socks $59.95 AUD gift boxWhy mess with the classics when socks and undies have worked for so many decades? Besides, we all know dads aren’t usually the best at upgrading the hole-y necessities. Why not upgrade it for them?


5. The Horse watch $139 AUD. They might have the gold ones, shiny ones or the ones with a million dials, the purpose of which they have no idea. Occasionally they’ll need to attend weddings or wear slacks and look like classy human beings. Why not help with a beautiful watch that won’t leave a dent in your mum’s wrist when they hold hands. So many colors to choose from, all of which are gorgeous.


Hopefully one of our top five makes it to the top of your dad’s favorite gifts. Mine is getting a family photo shoot and looks like this year hubby getting a self watering vertical garden. Clearly the men in my life are oddballs, evidenced by the Typo cards I picked for them this year. Gotta love ’em!

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Dear Internets,


As you are probably aware, mail excites me. Most of the time it’s boring work stuff or bills but when it comes sealed with a blue seal and marked “from Siberia”, you have my full attention. The exotic treasure I found is Natura Siberica “cosmetics of wild herbs and flowers”. Founded 7 years ago, Natura products contain 4 of 12 of the world’s natural adaptogens, herbs and plant extracts all ethically and responsibly sourced from Siberia.


While they have an award winning array of face, beauty and hair products. In celebration of the September launch Natura Siberica in Australia, I tried the Oblepihk body butter, Oblephika body scrub and lifting hand cream and here’s my verdict:

Oblepihk body butter: the 300ml jar looks generous and is pretty standard as far as body butter’s go. the difference was the texture. I have a hatred for thin cold lotions, especially in winter and fortunately I didn’t have to worry about that. It’s that waxy solid look that melts under the warmth of your fingertips. This essentially means you don’t end up using too much, it rubs into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave an oil slick behind it. The added bonus is you end up smelling all lovely and fruity afterward.


Oblephika body scrub: This has won permanant residence in my shower caddy which is saying something as space is a premium. Opening it up smelt like a culmonation of mangoes mixed into all of my summer holidays. This olfactory holiday is not suitable for those who have very sensitive noses and prefer unscented beauty products.

Lifting hand cream: This cream had a different tone to it. More subtle and mature both in its fragrance and packaging, I felt like I was using something theraputic. Once again, major points for not being overly greasy like some hand creams tend towards. I’m a flip top hand cream kind of girl but screw tops aren’t a deal breaker and at 75ml, it’s a good size for the handbag


You can register your interest here or get shopping online in September. I for one have my eye on the hair product, mask and treatment oils. Man do I love my lotions and potions.



Dear Internets,


I love stationary as much as I fear ruining every notebook I own by actually using it. With the number of people in Kikki.k every time I walk into the store, it seems I’m not the only one. If you haven’t heard of this Sweedish design delight, you are about to, particularly as they’ve just opened their US online store.


My fellow comrades who still remember how to write with your hands, I would like to introduce you to the Kikki.k X Pinterest competition. If you were as outraged as I was that postage is about to go up to a dollar from 70 cents, this competition is for you. All you need is a pinterest account and the ability to count, to be in the running for $150 to spend on stationary, leather goods or homewares.


To enter all you have to do is:

  • Follow kikki.K on Pinterest here.
  • Create a board titled ‘My kikki.K Style’, which includes at least 8 of your favourite kikki.K products as well as any other images that show off your personal style and inspirations.
  • Sign up as member here.
  • Email the link to your Pinterest board to


Looking for inspiration? If you’d like to know where to start, why not check out my entry here, particularly as I have won the first round. There are still 5 chances to win and the winners are selected every two weeks. With entries closing at 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 11/10/2015, you have plenty of time to give it a shot. Good Luck!



Dear Internets,


COMMITMENT. Does this word automatically conjure up your own version of a Cleo relationship article? I’m talking about the commitment involved in getting a new wallet/purse (for those of you who are more femininely inclined). Unlike shoes, bags or watches, most people only really have one wallet. The one that gets chucked around and loved during its life, the one that gets mourned upon its demise and the same one we have a list of requirements for as long as we do our life partners.


Maybe some people are not as picky as I am but I’d like to think it’s mostly my practical brain applying these restrictions.

1. Compact enough to fit into my bag and not be cumbersome. Large enough to carry everything
2. Lots of card space. One day I will invent a card that consolidates the reward programs of all other cards.
3. A secure section for coins and a compartment for notes. Surprisingly an aspect that is missed…like a smart phone that can’t make calls
4. Durable and pretty and be able to close with one hand. I will probably be juggling coffee and groceries when I need you most. Be there fore me wallet!


Wallets are to be invested in. If it has a velcro close or is glued together without being creatively ironic, we can’t be friends anymore. Ok I lie, I’m not that fickle, but I will probably buy you a wallet for your birthday….don’t be offended.


If you’ve seen my latest instagram posts, you’ll notice a few things. I’m at home sick with the flu, having a pity party with my friend Mindy Kaling (or at least her book self). A party is no party without gifts, and for me that comes in the form of Natura Siberica hand cream and MY NEW WALLET! This buttery soft , sky blue Audrey style Status Anxiety wallet is tactile, sleek, practical and an excuse to visit one of my fave style stores Mind Over Manor. They stock quite  the most devine collection of furniture, haberdasheries, personal items, children’s wear, beauty AND products. Essentially if it looks great, smells great or is great, they’ve got it.

My favorite Status Anxiety  pieces transcend the gender categories, a real testament to how good they are at what they do. Each piece will get you in trouble if you are a tactile person. They beg to be touched and experienced even when your bank balance says ” outlook not so good” like a disappointing magic 8 ball. Clean, minimal and classic, you’ll never see these items shoved in the “why the hell did I buy this? It’s too expensive to throw” hidden disappointment drawer. They are definitely worth a second date.