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COMMITMENT. Does this word automatically conjure up your own version of a Cleo relationship article? I’m talking about the commitment involved in getting a new wallet/purse (for those of you who are more femininely inclined). Unlike shoes, bags or watches, most people only really have one wallet. The one that gets chucked around and loved during its life, the one that gets mourned upon its demise and the same one we have a list of requirements for as long as we do our life partners.


Maybe some people are not as picky as I am but I’d like to think it’s mostly my practical brain applying these restrictions.

1. Compact enough to fit into my bag and not be cumbersome. Large enough to carry everything
2. Lots of card space. One day I will invent a card that consolidates the reward programs of all other cards.
3. A secure section for coins and a compartment for notes. Surprisingly an aspect that is missed…like a smart phone that can’t make calls
4. Durable and pretty and be able to close with one hand. I will probably be juggling coffee and groceries when I need you most. Be there fore me wallet!


Wallets are to be invested in. If it has a velcro close or is glued together without being creatively ironic, we can’t be friends anymore. Ok I lie, I’m not that fickle, but I will probably buy you a wallet for your birthday….don’t be offended.


If you’ve seen my latest instagram posts, you’ll notice a few things. I’m at home sick with the flu, having a pity party with my friend Mindy Kaling (or at least her book self). A party is no party without gifts, and for me that comes in the form of Natura Siberica hand cream and MY NEW WALLET! This buttery soft , sky blue Audrey style Status Anxiety wallet is tactile, sleek, practical and an excuse to visit one of my fave style stores Mind Over Manor. They stock quite  the most devine collection of furniture, haberdasheries, personal items, children’s wear, beauty AND products. Essentially if it looks great, smells great or is great, they’ve got it.

My favorite Status Anxiety  pieces transcend the gender categories, a real testament to how good they are at what they do. Each piece will get you in trouble if you are a tactile person. They beg to be touched and experienced even when your bank balance says ” outlook not so good” like a disappointing magic 8 ball. Clean, minimal and classic, you’ll never see these items shoved in the “why the hell did I buy this? It’s too expensive to throw” hidden disappointment drawer. They are definitely worth a second date.



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  1. Oooh that is a pretty wallet! And such a great price too! 🙂

    I’m wanting to update my wallet, something smaller and simpler but that still lets me store a lot…haven’t really found one yet as I suspect that might be a fruitless search haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I hope that you are feeling better.

    I own a few different wallets. They are not really something I update very often but I remember when I was younger that my mom used to always get a new wallet to match every handbag she purchased.

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