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As you are probably aware, mail excites me. Most of the time it’s boring work stuff or bills but when it comes sealed with a blue seal and marked “from Siberia”, you have my full attention. The exotic treasure I found is Natura Siberica “cosmetics of wild herbs and flowers”. Founded 7 years ago, Natura products contain 4 of 12 of the world’s natural adaptogens, herbs and plant extracts all ethically and responsibly sourced from Siberia.


While they have an award winning array of face, beauty and hair products. In celebration of the September launch Natura Siberica in Australia, I tried the Oblepihk body butter, Oblephika body scrub and lifting hand cream and here’s my verdict:

Oblepihk body butter: the 300ml jar looks generous and is pretty standard as far as body butter’s go. the difference was the texture. I have a hatred for thin cold lotions, especially in winter and fortunately I didn’t have to worry about that. It’s that waxy solid look that melts under the warmth of your fingertips. This essentially means you don’t end up using too much, it rubs into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave an oil slick behind it. The added bonus is you end up smelling all lovely and fruity afterward.


Oblephika body scrub: This has won permanant residence in my shower caddy which is saying something as space is a premium. Opening it up smelt like a culmonation of mangoes mixed into all of my summer holidays. This olfactory holiday is not suitable for those who have very sensitive noses and prefer unscented beauty products.

Lifting hand cream: This cream had a different tone to it. More subtle and mature both in its fragrance and packaging, I felt like I was using something theraputic. Once again, major points for not being overly greasy like some hand creams tend towards. I’m a flip top hand cream kind of girl but screw tops aren’t a deal breaker and at 75ml, it’s a good size for the handbag


You can register your interest here or get shopping online in September. I for one have my eye on the hair product, mask and treatment oils. Man do I love my lotions and potions.


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