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I like those no bake vegan whatever more than the next guy (and here it comes…) BUT if I see another dessert that is meant to be healthy because everything gets replaced by dates, cacao and coconut oil, I will literally throw up. So you discovered coconut oil has a high solid temperature, hooray, just don’t tell me it’s chocolate cake!


Now before you try to convince me, don’t. I am sold. I’m from south India. We fry our banana chips in coconut oil and we have high cholesterol ; coconuts are our way of life and I will still freak out when we run out of coconut oil, but for different reasons. While ours lives in the kitchen cupboard, it gets used most frequently beside the bathroom vanity.


While make up gets better at being waterproof, I don’t know how I feel about chemicals getting better at stripping the top layer of my face. For that reason, coconut oil is my go to make up remover. It hydrates my face, removes make up naturally, conditions my eyelashes and if I’m lucky, makes them grow in thicker and longer.


I suggest going for the organic, cold pressed snooty variety that lives in the health food isle instead of the oil section of your grocery store. For me its not the fancy packaging, though a girl can still admire. The proof is in the really gross “after” face wipe.

14247666296_0Follow it up with a gentle face wash like Derma Sukin Daily Hydrating wash and you have clean, glowing skin, ready for whatever  you have planned for your body’s biggest organ and primary defense barrier. Have a fun weekend!

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