Dear Internets,


Life lately has been like a less melodramatic version of Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events. From getting food poisoning, to my website mysteriously being down, there hasn’t been a moment to tell you about my new arm candy. It’s not a new man (I’m married thank you very much) but it’s pretty exciting none the less. You can probably guess from the picture above unless you live in a culture where spoons are worn around the wrist (in which case, I’d love to hear more!)


Jord watches seem to be popping up all over the internet and a few nights ago, on the wrist of a celebrity during a tv show. While that doesn’t often impact my decision to wear something, a watch with a point of difference certainly does. I’ve had a fascination with watches since I was a child and noticed the same fascination in my little nephew. We used to draw watches on our wrists or make paper origami watches when we were too young for adults to trust them into our possession.In primary school I got my very first watch , the cute mickey mouse kind, and haven’t looked back. I’ve been collecting them since.



Cool Watches are great convention breakers. A little detail that changes a look. My dark sandalwood ELY with a black watch face ($129) is a great slightly masculine touch to down play a super fluro pink cooper st beat goes on peplum dress, when most jewelry would be too much. When you turn up to baptism and your friend brings his baby over saying ” this is [pixelhazard] in the pinkest dress you’ll ever see in your life’, you know down playing ti was the perfect decision.



Besides, my notorious love for watches has left me with a wicked tan line on my wrist and a habit of staring at my wrist at frequent intervals. The latter looks rather unusual when there’s no watch to frequently stare at. With the addition of the Cora Maple & Silver watch ($275) which is a little more delicate and lighter, I’ll have all my aesthetic wooden watch pairing needs covered. Which one would you pick?


Dear Internets,


TV characters are often designed to be hyperbolic versions of traits we see in our selves so it’s a little concerning that I always navigate towards the neurotic female lead. If someone were to make a movie of my life, I’d want to be played by Beyonce (because…Beyonce) but when it comes to TV, I’m pretty much Mindy Lahiri. Swap America for Australia and the continuous supply of bear claws and gummy lollies for large cold caffeinated beverages and we’re half there.



“Oh you’re indian? …I love BOLLYWOOD!” ; The stereotypic Indian looks evaded my physique and I have a hilarious adorable with my conservative australian /european amazing grouchy hubby. So, while my catch cries waver between ” I’m not magic!” and “Thanks for noticing!” everything else is eerily recognizable (even if only to me).


So throw a spangly saree on me, put a baked good in my hand and send me off to a career in health care cos I’m pretty sure I’ve got this thing. And whatever aspect of her life I haven’t yet lived, it’s nothing a read of Mindy Kaling’s new book “why not me” wont accidentally fix. Also (if you’re reading this), stop stealing my life, making it more scandal filled and crazy and then selling it to TV, that’s my retirement plan you’re dipping into.



What TV character stole your life?