Dear Internets,


Anyone who knows me, knows I have fluffy objects attached to anything that can be classified as a bag or carry case. It’s a love I share with friends and family alike so it was no surprise when @lpmmags tagged me in @_cassielam‘s photo of her new Sportsgirl bag charm. My first instinct was akin to a pregnant woman looking lustfully at cake (I can say that cos I am said pregnant woman) “I must buy this now!!“. The surprise reaction that followed closely was a quizzical HUH?!


It had only just dawned on me that Sportsgirl had left my window-shopping rotation. I remember a cute and affordable brand that supported my teen trend zombie self with great affection but lately everything is priced at over $100 without, in my humble opinion, the tailoring or quality to support it. When did it become high street?


Thankfully this instagram ping turned into a treasure hunt and I rekindled the magic of my previous love while staring at the kick-ass-edness of some of their accessories. Those cute pins must simply be mine. Should I pass the wine coloured cord pinafore on offer and deem it to be both made of substantial fabric that can contain my burgeoning bump, it too may find itself on the front counter next to my exhausted credit card. This is what I call nostalgic impulse shopping.


Dear Internets,


The joys of being a mum have come to bite me in the face last week when my son lovingly gave me bacterial conjunctivitis. Beyond waking up with your eyes glued shut, feeling completely disgusting, OCD hand washing, days off work and avoiding human contact in general, it meant replacing all my eye make up all at once. Not one to wear heavy make up I was surprised how much replacing it had topped my agenda for my first non-sick day. I think we may have blurred the lines between want and need.


Yesterday my work colleague and I were talking about how I don’t have broadband at home due to port availability. He was outraged at the infrastructure lag (for your Aussies out there, we aren’t even on the NBN radar) and called it a “basic necessity of life like electricity“. I think I’ve been spoilt by availability. Won’t stop me fighting the good avocado fight though. Someone commented longingly on a photo of avo on toast on my instagram like I had just posted a photo of myself dripping in designer gear. I’ll forgo some make up if we can bring Avo’s back to the world!


Dear Internets,


Is you smart device net shopping finger ready? Mother’s tomorrow at 9am, the Disney x Bonds zippy wonder suits land in store and online. This iconic Aussie brand has won many devotees and part of it is just the way they made impractically colorful underwear a trend but for those of you who are still skeptical you’ll be won over the day you need to button up a baby onsie. It’s like trying to wrestle an octopus into a straight jacket without a zipper onsie.


The added bonus is the Bonds version always come in new and adorable prints. I often get onsie envy when I see a print I have missed out on because it’s sold out that quickly. Now before the rest of you non-baby knowing lovelies start dozing off, there’s a pretty great sports line on sale right now, let alone the aforementioned colorful undies.


If you know a new mum or even a well seasoned one whose kids you need to buy for, while the tutus and bow ties are adorable, in winter, you’ll never have to wonder if these onsies get used. Is it too early to start buying for soon to be number two?