Dear Internets,


I’ve been eating out a lot lately. Part of it is due to the large volume of travel I’ve been doing lately and the other aspect is the fact that pregnancy doesn’t allow you to eat much safely. As a result, my Instagram account has been inundated by photos of food…yes I am that person. The unforeseen consequence of this has been people commenting that I am making them fat or hungry. I try avoid very unhealthy foods if I can but of the latter accusation, I may be guilty. To those affected, I extend my sincere apologies.


That being said, if you are a foodie and you look forward to opportunities of hunger, please find below some foodporn for your viewing please. You have been warned so please grab a snack before you scroll down. I will not be liable for any food adventures that take place as a result but I would be thrilled to hear about them! Here’s where I’ve been lately:


The Cupping Room, Canberra

A haven for real coffee and food enthusiasts but I warn you, don’t ask for a caramel latte, they probably don’t have it. I routinely get the dark chocolate Mocha. It’s bittersweet, complex and rewarding like a relationship. Their new Autumn menu looks amazing though I will miss their brilliant pancakes; try the french toast. For those savory breakfast lovers, Huevos Bollo is fantastic! I would have loved to try the salmon too but looks like it’ll be a few more months before I can have cured salmon again. Home of one of the best cronut I’ve had to date (salted caramel is a must try)

cupping room

Penny University, Canberra

Another discovery from my Canberra trip and a delicious one! Their daily juices are fantastic as is their breakfast and lunch menu. I just can’t get past the quack Thai for luck which is essentially a very generous duck pad Thai filled with tofu and vegetables. Everything on the breakfast menu is a winner but for something light, colorful and delicious, try the chia and coconut rice pudding. For something savory, Japanese salmon fishing in Yemen is not just a story but an amazing meal too.

penny uni

The Poolside cafe , Sydney

Hidden within walking distance from the NSW art gallery, perched atop the Andrew “Boy” Charlton pool is the the poolside cafe. I urge you not to look at the milkshakes if you are trying to be healthy. They offer breakfast, lunch as well as a variety of drinks and judging by the group I was with, the Aranchini, Scallops and confit trout were all crowd pleasers. Lots of desserts for a beautiful summery day too so make sure you leave a little room.


Roll’d, franchise.

Roll’d is a Vietnamese street food franchise I tried last year and for me it really filled the gap between junk fast food and salad. They offer Vietnamese style subs (banh mi), rice paper rolls (cuon), pho and bun (my favorite) among other things. If they have the soft shell crab cuon, go for it. Otherwise, the chicken bun meal with spring rolls and Vietnamese lemon ice tea is a filling binge eating deterrent, a very important consideration when heading onto a flight or hunting for lunch at 3pm.


Kiss the Berry, Brisbane.

This is one for the smoothie and smoothie bowl enthusiast. You’ll often find it packed in the morning with runners, office workers, cyclists and school students alike. While the snickers delight bowl on their standard menu came highly recommended, I’m a sucker for seasonal menus so I had to try the caramelized fig and salted caramel syrup bowl. I went light on the syrup so I wasn’t bouncing from the walls and kept things somewhat healthy. This smoothie, topped with granola, banana, cacao nibs, almonds, coyo and coconut salted caramel syrup was an amazing multi-textural start to the day! It certainly beat the hotel breakfast while keeping me full and feeling light , a necessity in long meeting filled days.


I hope I didn’t make you hungry and if you don’t live on the east coast of Australia, perhaps it’s time for a visit?


Dear Internets,

birthday collage

Easter is coming and every decade or so, my birthday along with it. I’m turning 30 and movies tell me I’m supposed to have some sort of 1/3 life crisis but I’m really looking forward to a chilled out birthday this year. As for gifts, my wish is a pretty basic list of don’ts
1. Don’t ask me any questions that require work, chores and planning
2. Don’t get me a red velvet cake (I’ve had far too many of those)

The above responses don’t go down too well when I get asked what I want so I’ve taken to making lists that will generally be ignored. Let the annual self imposed shopping ban commence!

  1. Mac Film Noir lippy $17.00 | Dark, sexy, mysterious chocolate lips by MAC can’t be a bad thing.
  2. Allbirds runners $95.00 | Wool, flexi and comfortable which is perfect since my current sneakers hurt
  3. Books: How to be Parisian… or this $27 | I love reading and beautiful books. If it were an option I would spend days in a book store.
  4. Jean Paul Gautier x Target leather jacket $?| Everyone needs a good leather jacket. Apparently I need two. (EDIT: My fam got me a pretty kick ass leather jacket to tide me over until I fall in love with another investment piece)bday
  5. Mejuri silver evil eye ring $48.00 | My preggo sausage fingers need love and a little good will. All that tummy rubbing calls for an evil eye ring. (EDIT: I bought this for myself. Shopping ban fail but self 5 for a great birthday gift!)
  6. iPhone 6s $1079 | Mat leave means giving up my phone to work. Can you go back after having good technology?
  7. Fossil Sydney satchel $299.00 | A good classic bag is always a good idea. (EDIT: Purchased in seafoam thanks to some peer nominated awards at work resulting in a very large volume of Myer gift cards. Wouldn’t say no to a good everyday leather bag in this colour though)
  8. Instax polaroid camera $88 | Pastel, cute and limited edition with lots of film! A perfect way to capture your birthday (EDIT: Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle style blog got me the cutest candy pink version with two rolls of film & I got tears in my eyes. So unexpected!)
    wishlist 3
  9. Clarisonic $295 | Why do always put of taking time for ourselves, particularly when we never grow out of bad skin days?
  10. Gorman Gold rush skirt $119 | Shiny rad with an elastic waist means something to wear now and post baby. A celebration in a pleated skirt!
  11. Babyology annual subscription $199 | Who doesn’t like gifts in the mail every three months? Subscription boxes curb my online shopping too so yay for long term savings!
  12. Plantronics backbeat sense $270 | Because sometimes headphones are super annoying and I have too many podcasts to listen to! (EDIT: Hubby bought me the sport version of this. Comfy, great for work and great on the run, which i might have to do more of post baby)

Or you could just take care of dinner for me? Hope you’re having an amazing MARCH!


Dear Internets,


I’ve been doing some serious nesting lately, triggered by find while travelling down the south coast a few weekends ago. A little bundle of colourful thermodynamic molded PVC into the form of a toadstool mushroom was all it took for me to be Heico-hooked. I have spotted the little rabbit lamps at stores over the years and something about them always reminded me about the toys I had in India growing up. I’m almost certain there’s a photo of me with a creepy doll with an animal body resembling the Heico baby lapin lamp.


While you will have to fork out at least $150 to take home one of these lamps, consider it to be buying shares into a corner of illuminated whimsy and woodland creatures aren’t your thing, you can always go down the gummi bear-pineapple-lighthouse route. Note: that is not code for anything, there is quite a lot of quirky variety in the range. To check it out in Aus look at Leo and Belle, Tinitrader,or Jadrem Toys.