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I’ve been doing some serious nesting lately, triggered by find while travelling down the south coast a few weekends ago. A little bundle of colourful thermodynamic molded PVC into the form of a toadstool mushroom was all it took for me to be Heico-hooked. I have spotted the little rabbit lamps at stores over the years and something about them always reminded me about the toys I had in India growing up. I’m almost certain there’s a photo of me with a creepy doll with an animal body resembling the Heico baby lapin lamp.


While you will have to fork out at least $150 to take home one of these lamps, consider it to be buying shares into a corner of illuminated whimsy and woodland creatures aren’t your thing, you can always go down the gummi bear-pineapple-lighthouse route. Note: that is not code for anything, there is quite a lot of quirky variety in the range. To check it out in Aus look at Leo and Belle, Tinitrader,or Jadrem Toys.


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