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Variety packs were for 90’s rich kids. Besides I couldn’t have a father who disagreed more with the concept of breakfast cereal at dinner time. I never understand it but I suppose it could be irritating for a chef to return home late to his two daughters, legs folded on the couch, eating cornflakes while watching non-sports related shows on TV. It was essentially a tween’s idea of a good lazy Friday night.


As far as I could tell, we were being as close to model citizens with as minimal effort as possible. Mum didn’t have to make dinner, coco pops or anything deemed too unhealthy never made it to our pantry ; our meal choice must have been a healthy one, and we weren’t out in society causing a ruckus. Now that I think about it, we were the kids in footloose before Kevin Bacon came to town.


As the years have passed, breakfast foods have diversified and my discovery of the meal “brunch” will still not diminish my love of a lazy breakfast. Perhaps even more so having a little boy who very rarely deviates from rice bubbles or cheerios to have the occasional slice of toast or crumpet, even when mother dear makes pancakes.


So today while off to visit my sister and poke fun at her as she worked; “hello person I have never met before, you look like you would offer great customer service” , I wandered past the Peter Alexander display window and saw their new breakfast themed clothing! Not to be greedy and request one of everything from my fairy godmother, I have a top 4 list.


Kellogg’s Cos Clutch bag – AU$45.95
Toucan Sequin sweater – AU$79.95
Fruit Loops Sleep Tee – AU$79.95
Coco Pops long sleeve Tee – AU$69.95

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