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My very slow paced spring clean has begun. It’s Autumn in Australia at the moment, though the hot days may deceive, and hopefully by spring I’ll be done. So far , I’ve only made a small dent in shoes and accessories as well as all the trinkets strewn casually around table tops to be addressed another day. Somehow, with the assistance of a big tube of glue, my maybe pile started procreating. It pained me to part with this very old silver handbag but when an accessory is on donation row, there’s no risk involved. While it doesn’t feel quite finished just yet, I love the result. Lesson here: take risks, have fun, freak your nephews out with you new cool aunty status.


“Is that a pokeball??? is that an eyeball????”

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  1. I think you’re onto something! Leather stickers and personalising your bags are very trendy now, and like you said if you’re donating it anyway no harm trying to give it a new look to see if it helps you keep it a little longer 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I definitely need to ditch many of my clothing/accessories. The fact I’ve loved it so much at a time holds me back. Now I realize some things I don’t admire as much now, so I must depart. Never fail myself to freak kiddos out with my style!

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