Dear Internets,

I have entered the moon face phase of this pregnancy which means excitement, impatience and puffiness is at its peak while the tiredness creeps back in. Often, I feel the pull of coffee, but since I have restricted myself to one a week, I’m choosing more wisely about where I drink it.


Not one for exploring new food places on my own, I stole my sister from campus to join me. After seeing beautiful images of egg waffles on Instagram that reminded me to go back to Hong Kong, Haven specialty coffee, in Sydney seemed an obvious choice. Not only do they take your coffee peculiarities extremely seriously (there’s a charted ordering guide and everything), they also have an egg waffle menu!


I opted for the middle of the line “interesting but not too weird” option of Hokkaido Red Bean & Matcha, paired with a mocha. My sister on the other hand opted for something from the lunch menu which was rather tempting too; cured salmon with avocado with poached eggs on toast…the twist? Poached strawberries atop the salmon and avo combo. It added a bizarre tart flavor without interrupting the texture of the dish…all rather strange.



My mocha had a beautiful dark chocolate coffee flavor without marching into the murky waters of “bitter and burnt”that often sits opposite the powdered artificially sweet spectrum that’s common place. Topped with messy chocolate syrup and nuttiness, I had no complaints with my coffee of the week. Ah maybe all this healthy eating is the true cause for my more egg on legs aesthetic. Thank god for black monochromatic shift dresses and head shots.



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