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Mother’s day is coming up and since my mum occasionally looks at this blog, I can’t reveal what I got her and while there are a lot of gift guides floating around, how cute is this one from Elk accessories? I just love nanna’s, pastels and flowers!

BONUS TIP: we don’t want things for the house that need to be purchased anyway e.g. a replacement vacuum cleaner unless its a super fancy one mum has been circling in catalogs.


Here’s are some other clickable’s I’ve liked lately:

A single serve chocolate cake that knocks a mug cake out of the park for a little extra effort.

How cute is this paper lei. Not sure hubby would appreciate it for his ceremony though.

Pins and shrink plastic. Two fun faves combined.

The polarizing ingredient I’ve been craving for breakfast.

As if SMEG fridges weren’t cute enough before they were works of art.

Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe at couples therapy.

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